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FITSNews Exclusive – A Soldier’s View Of Operation Enduring Freedom July 13, 2007

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afghanistan convoy sunset


FITSNews – July 13, 2007 – Say what you want about Rep. James Smith‘s politics (and we’ve said plenty), but please don’t question Capt. James Smith‘s patriotism. The former S.C. Democratic Minority Leader, who is currently serving in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, today sent us an amazing gallery of images (complete with commentary) taken earlier this month during his tour of duty.

Click on the “more” link below to view a sampling of these pictures, and while you’re checking them out we hope you’ll join us here at FITSNews in keeping all of America’s troops serving overseas (and their families) in your thoughts and prayers.

EDITOR’S NOTE – Click on each thumbnail to view a larger image …

afghan update 1

(Above) A Humvee in Smith’s convoy providing “watch security” for Smith’s unit, Team Swamp Fox.

afghan update2

(Above) Smith’s M1114 armored vehicle passing through an Afghan village. Life in much of Afghanistan, Smith says, “is like looking into the past.”

afghan update 3

(Above) Smith making friends with Afghan children on their way to school, “a brief moment of international diplomacy,” he says.

afghan update 4

(Above) One mode of Afghan transportation. “Just don’t plan on being in a hurry,” says Smith.

afghan update 5

(Above) Smith’s convoy patrolling the desert. “This is what passes for a road in Afghanistan,” he says.

afghan update 6

(Above) “The children are always the first to greet us,” Smith says.

afghan update7

(Above) An Afghan girl gets “a smile and a tootsie roll,” communicating in what Smith calls “the international language of chocolate.”



1. Leon Stavrinakis - July 13, 2007

James Smith’s courage and commitment to America and the freedom’s we adore are nothing short of amazing. Here is a guy who’s life situation presents him every excuse in the world for not serving in combat yet he is not only willing but insists upon doing it.

As I told him before he left us in the House of Representative, he is making a bunch of people who think quite highly of themselves look incredibly small.

Of course, James sees himself as just another member of his unit. If you ask him, he would say his colleagues are far more deserving of any heroic accolades.

Godspeed James.

2. Patsy Knight - July 17, 2007

Representative/Captain James, our group was there with you and your family in Columbia the night before you left listening to your “Sugar Daddy Band” play. Then the day you joined back with us in Columbia, on a very important VOTE. Your pictures enforce why serving is important to you. The children there and those four you love back home, along with your darling wife. So that freedom will be there for all.

When entering Room 335 C, our Caucus meetings, and the House Chambers, my memories of your dedication are there even though for a short time of this my freshman’s year (Jan -08). Your dedication as, House of Representative serving your people in SC District 72, now expands to serve as Captain not only for SC but people of the free world. Expressed again on your “A Soldier’s Journal” under Psalm91****My Refuge and My Fortress.. were certainly ubiquitous in your daily service.

We continue to pray for “you all”. You, and others, that so steadfastly protect and give us our freedom. WE anxiously await everyone’s return. OUR best wishes

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