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Sara Taylor: Mum Is The Word July 11, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

Sara Taylor


FITSNews – July 11, 2007 – As we’ve addressed eloquently and insightfully in the past, we could care less which U.S. Attorneys the President of the United States wants to tell his Attorney General to fire. Sure, our current President possesses roughly the same intelligence quotient as a Golden Retriever, but if we elect a Golden Retriever to the White House we pretty much have to deal with the decisions it makes. Kind of like we have to deal with the decisions made by all the Yorkies and Pomeranians we elect to Congress every two years. The only constant in both cases is you’re going to need a good pooper-scooper, people. And some plastic bags.

We know a lot about this, too. After all, our founding editor Sic Willie is currently managing a canine campaign for higher office.

That’s why the whole Sara Taylor show up in Washington, D.C. today was absolutely boring as hell to us. Seriously, was their a stain on her dress? No? Okay then, we’re moving on. Frankly, the whole thing served as little more than the latest in a long line of reminders how the two-party system is thoroughly killing our country. Instead of say, working, our bet is that 90% of the nation’s capital spent today glued to the television set watching the testimony of a girl with bad bangs and a little too much shine in her makeup. And let’s not forget the thousands of people for whom “work” today actually consisted of preparing our elected officials to participate in this taxpayer-funded goat show.

All we know is Taylor looked substantially more innocent (and was probably substantially more talkative) eleven months ago when she spoke at the “PoliticalChick Chat & Luncheon,” a gathering of conservative-minded women who appear to all shop at the same Talbot’s. You say you “chicks” dig limited government and the Laffer Curve? That’s cool, so do we – so tell us again why we’re staring at a $3 trillion increase in our national debt since your President got elected?

Of course the Democrats are even worse, siezing on this scandal like there actually was a dress with a stain on it somewhere. And like they wouldn’t fire a bunch of Republicans from the same jobs (albeit a little bit smoother, of course) the second they got the White House back.

Yeah … and to think people ask us all the time why we write about Paris Hilton all the time …



1. Finley Peter Dunne - July 11, 2007

My Golden Retriever is way smarter than George Bush. Anyone who voted for W more than once should have his/her voter registration card recalled. And maybe once was enough enough for a recall…

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