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Bauer Reportedly Set On Fourth District Challenge July 11, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – July 11, 2007 – South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer (whose name we can never get to pop up with the correct accent aigu over the “e”) has apparently settled on challenging U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis for his Fourth District Congressional seat in 2008, sources tell FITSNews. Bauer – long-rumored to covet the coastal First District seat held by Rep. Henry Brown – apparently doesn’t want to wait until Brown retires to make his run for the U.S. Congress, and views Second District Rep. Joe Wilson as unbeatable.

Inglis, of course, alienated a lot of Republicans in South Carolina earlier this year by opposing President Bush on the war in Iraq … at least temporarily. Since then, he’s been doing damage control trying to win back voters in the only Congressional District in the Union (well, there’s probably another one in Utah someplace) that would still elect Bush if he was on the ballot today.

This whole thing is good news, bad news for Bauer. On the one hand, Inglis is vulnerable. On the other hand, everybody knows the coast is way cooler than the Upstate. After all, the coast has Charleston and Myrtle Beach, while the Upstate has a lot of Clempson University graduates and Free Will Baptists … two groups of people that seem to be inexorably drawn to revival tents where they speak in tongues, pass poisonous snakes back and forth and ask God how the hell he let the Gamecocks beat the Tigers last year.

It’s mostly bad news for South Carolina, though, because in a perfect world Wilson would be a wind-up toy, Brown would be collecting dust in a museum to status quo politicians, Inglis would be teaching “dating do’s and dont’s” at Bob Jones University and Bauer would be giving free flying lessons to the S.C. General Assembly.

Quick … somebody pinch us! This dream world is too good to be true …



1. Will - July 11, 2007

The bottom line is that Andre Bauer wouldn’t have a prayer in the 1st District where people know him. Robert Barber got 60% in Charleston County while the county was giving 60% to GOP ticket leader Mark Sanford. Andre would have been defeated in his re-election but for Baptists in the upstate who apparently knew very little of him other than his party affiliation. Bauer’s ONLY shot at higher office is in the upstate.

2. GVL GOP - July 11, 2007

Bob seems vulnerable but Andre is not the one to beat him. Yeah, he’s the hardest working yadayadayada….but people in GSP know Andre ain’t from around here.

3. Pandy - July 12, 2007

Previous to the Robt Barber/Andre Bauer race, Barber had held office in Charleston, and had already run for congress in the same district, so he was hardly an unknown…and Barber was also a quality candidate.
In 2006, Andre had two quality candidates in the GOP primary, then Barber in the general election, an airplane crash that almost killed him, and the republican Governor of the State working against him…and he still won. And did I mention he was outspent 3 to 1 by his opponents? Yes…nearly 3 to 1 against him and he still won!

I don’t have a clue what Bauer will be doing in the future…but I am amused that folks can’t see his ability to connect with the voters. He is one of the few republicans out there that will stand with the average Joe… and they remember him for it.

4. i love it. « …the life and times… - July 12, 2007

[…] – FITS News […]

5. ntsb - July 16, 2007

NTSB Factual Report: Bauer’s plane left Columbia Owens Field at approx. 4:00pm landed in Blacksburg at(5:00pm)1700 then at(6:30pm) 1830,took off from Blacksburg at 1830(6:30pm). WLTX(Video Clip) reports that he was attending a friends funeral. The NTSB report states that he coordinated transportation to a friends house. In either event, it appears he was on the ground for an hour and a half turnaround.

6. Anony Mouse - July 17, 2007

Pandy is wrong – Andre survived re-election on dumb luck and the short memory span of SC voters. To break it down: he survived the primary because Republicans’ default position is to ‘vote incumbent’. He beat Barber because the majority of SC voters pull the “R” lever to vote a 100% Republican slate.

Actually, what is amazing is that SC conservative voters have not caught on enough to ask the following question:

Where are Andre Bauer’s lovely wife and children, those oh-so-necessary props of Republican candidates? What’s that you say – Andre is not married? Never has been? Hmmm.

(For that matter, where are Lindsay Graham’s lovely wife and children?)

It would have served the mean, nasty little Bauer right if Barber had stooped to Andre’s level and asked him the question during their debate. The deer-in-the-headlights look on Andre’s face would have been answer enough to the simple question: why aren’t you married? But Democrats never do that.

Maybe one of Andre’s or Lindsay’s primary opponents will do it …

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