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Julian Bond Is Making Progress July 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

julian bond


FITSNews – July 9, 2007 – You know, we’re looking forward to the day when the NAACP holds a press conference to support a broad-based income tax cut that would create thousands of African-American jobs, or a universal school choice plan that would rescue thousands of African-Americans from our failing public school system, or a complete overhaul of South Carolina’s 1895 government structure – which happens to be as rooted in racism as an Aryan brotherhood rally. Until that day comes, however, we’ll have to content ourselves with small victories, like the banishment of radio host Don Imus to his ranch. You know, where he helps kids with cancer. Anyway, here’s what NAACP leader Julian Bond had to say yesterday:

“While we are happy to have sent a certain radio cowboy back to his ranch, we ought to hold ourselves to the same standard,” Bond said. “If he can’t refer to our women as `hos,’ then we shouldn’t either.”

Bond’s remarks came on the same day that the NAACP held a symbolic burial of the “N” word in Detroit – part of a broader effort by the organization to remove the word from the African-American pop culture lexicon entirely. Unfortunately, ask any rapper and they’ll tell you the “N” word rhymes amazingly well with words like “trigger,” “bigger,” and “figure,” not to mention Kayne West’s chart-topping ditty about a “gold digger.” Comedians Chris Rock and David Chappelle also owe their careers to the “N” word, as did Richard Pryor before them. In fact, our sophisticated econometric models show that removing the “N” word from the African-American entertainment industry would result in a net loss of – get this – eleventy kabillion dollars.



1. Whit - July 9, 2007

will your thinly veiled racism is out shined by your lies about vouchers.

2. FITSNews - July 9, 2007


do you not remember the post in which we revealed that all of our Biblical paintings were based on african-american models? or the ninety-six out of 100 posts in which we make fun of WHITE people?

heal thyself, cracker.


p.s. – we’re still waiting for you and your Chernoff-Silver buddies up on the fifth floor to point out an example of where vouchers/ tax credits didn’t work. Oh right, there isn’t one …

3. Whit - July 10, 2007

Thinly veiled racism, but racism indeed. The fatal flaws of vouchers are as plain as the nose you your face, but your vision is clouded by money and rhetoric from the SCRG scallywags. Vouchers clearly don’t work, and you know it. You know the real motivation behind SCRG. It isn’t honest.

4. Whit - July 10, 2007

Thinly veiled racism, but racism indeed. The fatal flaws of vouchers are as plain as the nose you your face, but your vision is clouded by money and rhetoric from the SCRG scalawags. Vouchers clearly don’t work, and you know it. You know the real motivation behind SCRG. It isn’t honest.

5. Whit - July 10, 2007

Both spellings work depending on your accent. Scallywags or scalawags. The meaning is clear. They’re not being honest with S.C., and you know it.

6. FITSNews - July 10, 2007

First of all, you only have to press the “Say It” button once. We know Chernoff pays you the big bucks to post comments on our site, but at least figure out how to post efficiently so you can spend more of your time saying idiotic things with no shred of justification.

Speaking of which, we’ve got to hand it to you … “vouchers clearly don’t work, and you know it” is a f*cking brilliant argument. Seriously, holy sh*t, we’ve never heard anything quite so convincing.

The only problem w/ that clever Aristotelian logic is that they do work – in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Florida and oh yeah, EVERYWHERE ELSE THEY’VE BEEN IMPLEMENTED.

Where have they not worked? We’ll put it this way, as soon as you can answer that question we’ll ship the whole fifth floor at “Beware the Wolf” headquarters a batch of our world famous chocolate chip cookies.

In the meantime, by all means keep commenting and confirming for all to see the intellectual vapidity of your argument.


7. Whit - July 10, 2007

Such anger! Profanity! and bad manners! The infamous Will Folks temper is showing it it’s full roaring rage. Clearly our comments struck a strong note of truth to get such a violent reaction.

Vouchers do not work, and that has been proven everywhere they have been tried. You know it, and so do your masters at SCRG.

By the way. Have you been keeping up with our Friend, Gervais Bridges? He is holding “Voucher Week” at his site, and he is outing many of the bought and paid for candidates and politicians.

He’s followed the money well so far, and is exposing the scalawags one by one. Guess where the money leads?

You know exactly where. Shame on you Will.

8. FITSNews - July 10, 2007


We love you, man. We really do. You feed our ego (and hit count) on a daily basis and for that we’re eternally grateful.

You know we will check out Gervais’ site. It’s been awhile since we’ve visited, but then again it lost a lot of its edge when he got the anti-school choice contract.


9. Whit - July 11, 2007

We are so glad you appreciate our efforts. If you like it so far, you’re going to love it later. We’re here for you. 🙂

So, how much is SCRG paying you as a mouthpiece? We are learning how much they are paying to try and buy politicians.

10. GKP - July 11, 2007


I look forward to the discourse on just how much it costs to buy a politician in this state.

My guess is that you will find that the voucher folks gave, at absolute most, $50k to any one candidate.

Anybody could do that. Hell, you could probably do that. In fact, it would be neat to try and do that, give one of them the money, and see if it changed a single vote. My guess is that you would be heartily disappointed in the return on your investment.

As many problems as our Legislature has, selling voucher votes isn’t one of them. The folks who are going to vote for them will, and those who won’t won’t.

Put another way, if it were really that cheap, don’t you think everyone would be doing it?

Think it through. It may be time to try another angle.

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