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Gubernatorial Ga Ga – The Republicans July 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

David Wilkins


FITSNews – July 9, 2007 – Replacing S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford won’t be an easy task. Except when you stop and think about it, no … it will actually be an incredibly easy task. Frankly, all you’ve got to do is bend over and tie your shoelaces after getting sworn in and you will have accomplished more than Sanford has in five years. Do it while chewing gum and there’s a good chance you’ll end up being designated “Governor for Life.”

Of course, being governor in South Carolina is a lot like being the Queen of England – there’s a lot of pomp and circumstance but very little in the way of actual power. Past governors have had to master the art of horse-trading and exploit the political advantages of their bully pulpit in order to get signature items through the all-powerful State Legislature, a curmudgeony group of status quo defenders that possesses about as much intellectual curiosity as a gardening tool.

Anyway, even though the race to replace His Irrelevancy isn’t for another three years, gubernatorial wannabes in both parties are already testing the waters for potential support. Let’s start today by taking a look at who’s in and who’s out on the Republican side …


The former Speaker of the House and current U.S. Ambassador to Canada has skin so thin you need a microscope to see it. He likes the fact that his name is being tossed around as a potential candidate and will probably do a lot of prostrate guffawing over the next year to fan those flames, but our sources tell us he won’t take the plunge in the end and actually declare himself a candidate.


The current Speaker of the House is definitely running. Not only that, he’s also got a pretty decent claim to the mantle of GOP frontrunner – which is pretty amazing considering the “fiscally conservative” House of Representatives has jacked state spending by 41% under his watch. Bobby, you got some ‘splaining to do.


South Carolina’s Attorney General seemed like a frontrunner a few short months ago, but that was before he lost a high-profile rape case in Darlington County and watched his presidential candidate of choice Sen. John McCain enter a campaign freefall over the immigration issue. McMaster is still popular, but hitching his star so closely with McCain’s is costing him.


Our sources tell us that South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor has his eye on the U.S. Congress, not the Governor’s Mansion. And while the question of whether he runs for the First, Second or Fourth Congressional District is worthy of speculation, Bauer isn’t likely to mount a gubernatorial bid given the veritable cornucopia of big-name candidates in the mix.


South Carolina’s Third District Representative is an intriguing mix of fiscal and social conservatism, and he has made no bones about his interest in the Chief Executive’s job. He’ll be among the best at raising money given his in-state and DC connections, but whether he decides to run a Sanford-style pocketbook campaign or a Bob Peeler-style “family values” bid with all that jack will determine if he is able to emerge as a frontrunner.


The Spartanburg State Senator spent the majority of the recently-concluded legislative session laying the groundwork for a 2010 bid. And while computers in classrooms and alternative energy solutions make for good talking points, Ritchie’s got his work cut out for him if he expects to be taken seriously in what will undoubtedly be a packed field with considerable fundraising and name ID advantages.

Next time we’ll take a look at the Democratic side of the aisle, including names like Inez Tenenbaum, Joe Erwin, Ashley Cooper, James Smith, Joel Lourie and Vincent Sheheen. In fact, we’re so excited about it we can barely contain our sarcasm selves!



1. GKP - July 9, 2007

What…no Jim Rex on the Dem side? He’s been running for six months already.

2. Newspaper Hack - July 10, 2007

Nothing like a Republican primary in South Carolina. Who will be the first to call out the others for not being fascist enough? I’m on pins and needles, man – pins and needles!

3. Pandy - July 10, 2007

Not so sure about your thoughts here…
Most republicans outside of Barrett’s district could not pick him out of a line up. Harrell’s name and face ID is not much better than the Mayflower Madams and he represents SC Government, not hookers, so he is less well thought of than she. Ritchie does not have the guts for it, nor the money.
That leaves Andre, McMaster, and…the big mystery….the unknown rich guy…ala TRav without the bad habits. Head to head, Andre will outwork Henry M, but in the end it would be a real horserace. But that unnamed guy…sitting on the edge, that will dump his own money in the race and “take it to the people”…he is the guy to watch.
I enjoy your postings…keep it up.

4. JR - July 10, 2007


There is a lot of time between now and 2010 for these candidates to get there name ID. So right now it pretty much is a non-issue.

I also think it is pretty stupid of you to bring up the whole “he isn’t regonized outside of his district” argument when our sitting Governor is a former Congressman, who probably had about the same level of name ID as Barrett THREE YEARS out of his own election.

But hey, thanks for playing.

5. Mark Sanford - July 10, 2007

Thanks Will,
Anybody but Bobby, please.

6. Top Posts « WordPress.com - July 10, 2007

[…] Gubernatorial Ga Ga – The Republicans [image] HARRELL IN, WILKINS OUT AS FIELD FOR 2010 RACE BEGINS TO TAKE SHAPE FITSNews – July 9, 2007 – Replacing S.C. […] […]

7. Pandy - July 10, 2007


Using your logic…anyone of the 4.2 million people in the state can run and win. After all…there is plenty of time untill 2010….right?

One must make some assumptions. The ones I made are the correct ones.

U seem to be a Barrett man. I think he is a good guy. Try saying that, as opposed to be pissy in your comments. Being pissy will send votes away from your man…not to him. Please try to remember that, I dont like to repeat myself.

But hey…I am one of the 4.2 mil…so thanks for the ego boost.

8. Brack - July 10, 2007

Hmmmm…..this sounds a bit familiar. I wonder if something was written the previous day.


9. FITSNews - July 10, 2007


It is a lot like what you wrote … except interesting, and with relevent information.


10. FITSNews - July 11, 2007

Oh and Andy, you’re welcome for the hits on your “State House Report” website. That’s got to be gratifying for you since your work is usually read by the business end of a dog after its owners laid out the opinion page of the Island Packet on the floor during housetraining.

11. JR - July 12, 2007


I never said experience didn’t count. So no I don’t think anybody can run for Governor.

I really don’t know who I like in the race. Probably Wilkins, but as Will says, he probably isn’t running.

But what I can’t stand is when people make really stupid comments, and have absolute no logic to back them up.

Do you really think Andre is going to run for Governor, and if so, do you really think he is either the #1 or #2 contender.

How about this. Layoff the hard stuff. Because come 2010 you will see that I’m right and your wrong.

12. JR - July 12, 2007

P.S. Sweet handle “Pandy”. What is this “Panda Watch” from anchor man

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