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Former Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Resigns Senate Seat July 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

tommy moore


FITSNews – July 8, 2007 – Longtime S.C. State Senator and 2006 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tommy Moore has resigned his seat in the State Senate effective immediately to pursue an out-of-state business opportunity, today’s Aiken Standard is reporting. From their coverage:

(Moore) would not comment on the nature of the business until he signs the written offer. He did say it would require a move to the Alexandria, Va., area for up to three years if the negotiations are completed successfully.

Moore’s abrupt resignation will trigger a special election to fill his vacant seat, and sources tell FITSNews that at least one RINO (Republican In Name Only) is already charging into the fray – State Rep. Skipper Perry.

UPDATE – Moore is apparently leaving to take a job as Executive Vice President of the national payday lending association. Basically that means he’ll be making six figures ensuring that poor people can continue to be charged exorbitant interest rates! And you thought Democrats didn’t care!



1. Randy - July 8, 2007

He is dumber than I thought if he gave up his Senate seat before signing a contract!

A box of rocks comes to mind…

2. Scott - July 8, 2007

Now I had heard that Skipper was running for Greg Ryberg’s seat should Ryberg be appointed/electied as State Treasurer. Last I checked, good ole Skipper doesn’t live in Moore’s district.

3. Kaolin Kronicle - July 8, 2007

Skipper doesn’t live in Senate District 25. He’s still in 24 unless he made a midnight move. Read the Kaolin Kronicle for the local insider scoop on this developing story.

4. FITSNews - July 9, 2007

Scott and KK-

We hear Skipper’s looking at running. We’ll have to see what the next couple of days bring, though.


5. Kaolin Kronicle - July 9, 2007

Bill Clyburn is in Senate 25. He is the most likely legislator to run for the seat.

6. Finish Line - July 9, 2007

He will have to move because he lives in Senator Ryberg’s District. Rep.Perry could move back in with his mother and claim that as his residence I suppose. Don’t think Rep. Perry would gover well in Edgefield and Saluda anyway.

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