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Some Kind Of Wonderful July 7, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.

pyramids at giza


FITSNews – July 7, 2007 – It’s one thing to vote on a President, the Major League All-Star team or the next American Idol, but we thought once you made the “Seven Wonders of the World” list it was pretty much set in stone until either Armageddon or total structural collapse set in. Apparently that’s not the case, though, as the voters of the world have “chosen” an updated Seven Wonders of the World list. After giving the Pyramids at Giza (pictured) a hall pass as an “honorary wonder,” the new seven wonders include the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Rome’s Coliseum and four things we’ve never heard of before.

The campaign to name new wonders was launched in 1999 by the Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber. Almost 200 nominations came in, and the list was narrowed to the 21 most-voted by the start of 2006. Organizers admit there was no foolproof way to prevent people from voting more than once for their favorite.

Yeah, so it’s about as scientific as a Dionne Warwick hotline. Apparently, none of Sic Willie’s “Seven Wonders of the World” suggestions made the list. For the record, they were 1) pop tops, 2) Peyton Manning, 3) Moose Tracks ice cream, 4) Lindsay Lohan’s left breast, 5) Lindsay Lohan’s right breast, 6) the 99-cent Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and 7) Gov. Mark Sanford’s tan.



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