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Sic Willie The Parent? June 30, 2007

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little caleb


FITSNews – June 30, 2007 – Okay, before anybody freaks out and calls the Department of Social Services, the incredibly adorable three-year old (above) who just happens to be wearing his underwear on his head is Sic Willie‘s nephew, not his son. We know … Whew! And for the record, a responsible parent was in the car supervising both children the whole time.

Yet even with proper adult supervision, putting a real three-year old and a grown man who still acts like a three-year old together in the car for hours on end is probably not ideal. In addition to showing his young nephew the whole “underwear on the head” trick, Sic Willie also performed the “I Am The Great Cornholio” routine from Beavis and Butthead, exhibited the myriad intricacies of high-volume belching and even taught him how to sing along with the chorus to “Roxanne” by The Police. Ironically, later in the trip Sic Willie almost got the whole family arrested by the real police at a Marion County checkpoint when he forgot he still had underwear on his head. To top it all off, he decided the best place to pull over for a final restroom stop was a third world service station called the “Park and Blow.”

In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes – he is available for babysitting duty …

will with undies

(Above) Sic Willie is the Great Cornholio.


(Above) Marion County law enforcement officers working the checkpoint.

park and blow

(Above) The sun-faded sign at the world famous “Park and Blow.”



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