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Try Some Budget Fritos June 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Satire, SC Politics.

budget fritos


FITSNews – June 29, 2007 – Two days after receiving a whopping 243 budget vetoes from Gov. Mark Sanford, the S.C. General Assembly responded this afternoon by delivering 243 bags of “Budget Fritos” to the Governor’s Office.

“Mmmmm … Budget Fritos,” said Sanford policy advisor Scott English, licking his lips in anticipation of the delivery. “Gimme some ‘o dat crunchy mmmm-mmmm goodness.”

Initial reports indicate the shipment included Original, Barbecue, Chili Cheese, Flamin’ Hot and Jalepeno-flavored bags. In an ironic twist, the politically-incorrect Frito Bandito (who marketed the chips from 1968-71) delivered the chips personally while singing the Frito song and praising yesterday’s defeat of an immigration reform bill. “Aye yi yii, Jeeem DeeeMeeent is for meeee!” the Bandito sang to the tune of “Cielito Lindo.”



1. Randy - June 29, 2007

Unless I miss my guess…this was the most public ass whopping in SC history (excepting Gamecock football).

I bet Jenny took a stick to him when he got home.

2. Winthorpe - June 30, 2007

The Governor doublecrosses the house, and especially Speaker Harrell…

He starts a war between the Senate and the house…

Rate of state government expansion explodes…

He accomplishes nothing…

Yet, The State plays him as the watch dog of the taxpayers money. I can just read Sundays endorsement now concerning “Sanford for VP”…

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