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South Carolina Senators Need To “Hug It Out” June 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

hug it out


FITSNews – June 29, 2007 – It’s only been a day, but we’re bored already with the ridiculous blog war going on between South Carolina Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. Sure, the anonymous musings of a bunch of college Republican virgins and mouth-breathing party activist types might appeal to many of you political junkies, but we’re over it already. Bottom line, whatever spleen-venting “AmnestyHater2007” and “McGrahamiac1” are dishing out to each other in some Mr. Pibb-fueled Dungeons and Dragons chatroom matters not to us, nos freres.

Polls taken a few days before the immigration vote showed 18% of Americans didn’t know enough about the issue to take a position. Given how notoriously difficult it is to get people to admit that they are stupid, we think that number is probably more like 50%. We’re not saying people don’t care about the issue (in fact we think Graham is in some real hot water with his fire-eating GOP base), but after hearing about it incessantly for six months and still not “getting it,” we think most folks are ready to move on.

So let’s “hug it out,” Jim and Lindsey. Hell, you both look like you’d probably enjoy it, anyway.



1. Yeah... - June 29, 2007

Lindsey would probably really enjoy that, but I’m not too sure about DeMint…

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