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Minority Report June 27, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

capital dome


FITSNews – June 27, 2007 – Since we’re always so hard on South Carolina Republicans for their unwavering commitment to fiscal irresponsibility, we figured we’d shift our gaze this morning to Congressional Republicans for a change. In case you forgot about them, they used to be in charge of the federal government. Anyway, according to an interesting article we read over the weekend, it seems being in the minority has actually helped Republicans reclaim their “brand.” From the story:

House Republicans have coalesced around the issue of federal spending, handing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) a stinging defeat on earmark reform and sending their liberal colleagues a unified message not to exceed the president’s budget requests.

Alright. The article wasn’t really wasn’t all that interesting. We’re just incredibly bored right now and had nothing else to write about. In fact, we just spent the last hour watching a bug crawl up the outside of our office window. It looked a lot like a beetle, but it wouldn’t turn around so we couldn’t say for sure. It sure looked like a beetle, though.



1. Earl Capps - June 27, 2007

Congressional Republicans, doing something right? Nah, they couldn’t have …

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