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Free Bird June 26, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

paris yellow


FITSNews – June 26, 2007 – So Paris Hilton is getting out of jail today, which means if you’re planning on running any errands you might want to consider staying east of the Mississippi River. Of course, Paris claims to have been so transformed by her “incarcelebrity” that she’s even talking about building a transitional home for recently-released female inmates. In a telephone interview from jail last week, Paris said:

“I want to help build a transitional home, so that when inmates leave here they don’t have to go back to the street. These women just keep coming back because they have no place to go.”

Hold on there, Mother Theresa. Let’s take things one step at a time. Of course in all fairness there’s a chance Paris is truly a changed woman, in which case we should probably all give her the benefit of the doubt. There’s also a chance her implants hypnotized us and told us to say that.



1. Been there, done that - June 26, 2007

If I had a set like that, I’d be staring at them, too!

2. CounterFITS - June 26, 2007

Hey, have you seen my car keys? I think I may have dropped them someplace.

I also dropped a small village of Bolivian coffee farmers. They may be in there too. Along with the entire tribe of Aleut Indians and half the state of Vermont.

3. ravi - September 26, 2007

your a very beatful

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