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Saturday Summer iPod Scoops June 23, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

summer ipod


FITSNews – June 23, 2007 – As you can see, we’re spending this Saturday afternoon relaxing on one of South Carolina’s pristine natural beaches, beeyatches. While we soak up some sun, though, here’s a quick scoop on three tunes you might want to consider picking up for your iPod this summer …

“Phantom Limb” by The Shins … probably one of the most infectious songs we’ve heard in years from America’s most promising new band. The premise – two lesbian girls navigating the set of a horror movie – is promising enough, but the brilliant lyrics, exquisitely crafted vocals and infinitely-accessible guitar hooks in this song just drip of singer-songwriter James Mercer’s prodigious talent.

“Keep The Car Running” by Arcade Fire … another pop masterpiece from the Canadian band that has produced two of the best albums we’ve ever heard – on their first two tries. Subtle strings, a jumpy beat and singer-songwriter Win Butler’s inimitable vocal style easily make this song one of 2007’s best.

“Soul Meets Body” by Death Cab For Cutie … the current decade’s equivalent of REM’s “Losing My Religion,” except without all the hassle of MTV and mainstream radio killing the song. Gorgeous vocals, lush accompaniment and nifty progressions are its hallmarks.

Now that we’ve covered our indie rock-n-roll bread and butter, we’ll be back next Saturday w/ some summer iPod scoops from our favorite genre – gangsta rap. In the meantime, feel free to post some iPod scoops of your own in the comments section …



1. Anon - June 24, 2007

You need to check out Manchester Orchestra if you like Death Cab for Cutie.

2. Anonynous - June 25, 2007


You should do a positive piece on Christie, Patty and Heather, over at the Coastal COnservation League. Even if the legislation violates some of your own political opinions, just this session we have seen: GRen Buildings veto overide, DOT reform, Priority Investment Area, and Rivershacks. This bunch of law stands to change the way important things are done in this state.

My 2 cents.


3. Bedford Forrest - June 25, 2007

“Time Won’t Let Me Go” – The Bravery
“Crane Wife” – The Decemberists (a kick ass Montana-based band with an album about the Civil War)
“You Know I’m No Good” – Amy Winehouse (HOTTIE!)
“She Moves In Her Own Way” – The Kooks
“Wonders Never Cease” – Morcheeba (probably heard it on the Sciene Channel promos)
“Icky Thump” – White Stripes
“Litany” – Guadalcanal Diary (Old School Athens at its best)

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