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Political Consultants Are Just As Out Of Touch As Politicians June 22, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports, US Politics.

gators football


FITSNews – June 22, 2007 – By all accounts, we think the recent scolding the U.S. Congress received at the hands of veteran politicos Dick Morris and Eileen McGann was entirely well-deserved. After all, their basic assumption that Washington politicians are “all play and no work” strikes a resounding chord with the American people, who recently bestowed upon their current President and Congressional leaders the worst job approval ratings … like, ever. We especially enjoyed this section about the slack ass U.S. House of Representatives:

In the current Congress, despite Speaker Pelosi’s loud promise of a five-day workweek, the House schedule is laughable. The first clue that members wouldn’t be working harder was when House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) announced that the House would take a day off during the first week in session. Why? Was there a national emergency? Maybe a catastrophic storm? Not at all. It was because of the championship college football game between Oklahoma State and Florida State.

Hmmm … while we’re sure Steny Hoyer is probably as worthless as the next overpaid, underachieving U.S. Congressman, Morris and McGann might want to Google their sports references a little more thoroughly the next time they cast stones. Oklahoma State and Florida State? Are you kidding us? There were sororiety powder-puff teams that fielded more athletic squads last year. You mean Ohio State and Florida, Einsteins. We’re definitely not keen on Congress wasting our time and tax dollars, but at least they didn’t disrespect Southeastern Conference football like that. Jeez. Pretending there was an ACC-Big 12 title game? As if.



1. Newspaper Hack - June 22, 2007

Dick Morris isn’t a “veteran politico.” He is a “gigantic fucking tool.” And that’s saying something, especially in politics.

I think what they meant is Oklahoma State and Alabama in the Independence Bowl. Because when Joe Kines is head coach anywhere, even for that one-game interim basis, it’s must-see TV.

2. Pimp Your Politics - June 23, 2007

And if Dick Morris is a “gigaintic f@ucking tool,” then Will Folks is a “tiny f@cking tool.” And that’s saying something, especially in a state full of those whose marketing strategy is “Pimp Your Politics.”

Hey, that would be a great name for a new political consulting firm. A political consulting firm with a name like that could take all of Will’s business away in a matter of days – just on the name.

No, there are probably some things even a pimp won’t take on.

3. FITSNews - June 23, 2007


“Tiny tool?” “Wee-willie?” Hmmm … what on earth could y’all possibly be suggesting?


4. Pimp Your Politics - June 23, 2007

Only that sic(k) willie is a legend in his own mind. We will leave it to you to pervert the comments into whatever you like to dream about.

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