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S.C. Group Set To Record “We Got A Crush On John Edwards” Video June 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, Satire.

trailer trash


FITSNews – June 19, 2007 – After the rousing success of Obama Girl and the by-now infamous “I Got A Crush On Obama” song, four South Carolina women living in a trailer park in Anderson County are preparing to launch their own music video entitled “We Got A Crush On John Edwards.” Known collectively as the “Trailer Trash Tramps,” Tiffany, Skylar, Amber and Britney (pictured above) are busy putting the finishing touches on the racy video, which is said to include the lyrics “so your haircut cost more than our rent/ we still wanna (expletive deleted) you when you’re president” and “you’re a missionary to the poor/ we want your missionary on the floor.”

Needless to say, the Edwards campaign is already disavowing any involvement in the production of the video, which is reportedly being produced by hard rocker/ horror film director Rob Zombie and filmed on location in Anderson County.

Unlike the soulful, R&B feel of the Obama Girl video, those familiar with “We Got A Crush On John Edwards” tell FITSNews it is a pure heavy metal number laden with soaring guitar riffs, a thick, driving bass line and pounding drums. Edwards, a South Carolina native, is currently polling a distant third in most Democratic presidential surveys both nationwide and here in the Palmetto State.

UPDATE – Our friend JM just chimed in saying that Amber (girl in the red shirt) sure does look a lot like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.



1. butthead surfer - June 19, 2007

Hey dumbass why Anderson County? Why not the Carolina cheerleading squad? Not to mention, John Edwards won’t have a prayer in Anderson County. That’s big time Republican territory. Even though we do have Dan Cooper, Brian White and Michael Thompson elected as Republicans.

They are the biggest rino’s besides Big ears Leatherman. Anyway, I digress. Leave Anderson out of it. We have nice trailer houses.

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