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Politics In France Is Crazy Sexy June 18, 2007

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segolene royal


FITSNews – June 18, 2007 – We’re seriously considering changing the formal name of our little news outlet from “Faith In The Sound” to “France Is The Sh*t.” And why not? While mayonnaise remains the only thing the French have gotten right … like, ever … at least their politics are interesting. According to a recent article entitled Les Liasons Dangerouses, both candidates in the recently-concluded French elections are dodging all sorts of rumors about their sex lives:

The mistress of the French President is about to have an illegitimate child and his glamorous, moody wife is turning up part-time in the Elysée Palace only to keep up appearances. The sexy Socialist who lost the election has dumped the partner who is also her boss and is an item with a bestselling novelist. If you dip into the internet or listen at French tables, you’ll know that this is the gossip on Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal (pictured above), the pair who became global celebrities with their riveting electoral duel in the spring.

The story also informs us that the mainstream French media doesn’t cover all the celebrity gossip, but that “the internet and celebrity culture are breaching the palace walls.” You know, our first thought after reading that line was that Paris Hilton should run for president, but then we remembered the AP doesn’t cover her. Well, that’s one reason she shouldn’t be president. She’s also in jail. Not to mention a slutty, hate-mongering idiot. Oh well, guess it’s time for plan “B.” Lindsay Lohan!



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