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Crushing On Obama June 13, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

obama girl


FITSNews – June 13, 2007 – We’re not sure what Michelle Obama thinks of the latest tribute to her husband, Barack, but if you haven’t seen the “I Got A Crush On Obama” video yet, you’re totally missing out. Click here to watch it, unless of course you’re offended by excrutiatingly sexy women or lyrics like “you can Barack me tonight” and “up in the Oval Office you’ll get your head of state.”

Which we’re not offended by in the least, obviously.

Obama Girl” even has her own photo set from the video and T-Shirt order form online already. Which means somebody is about to make like millions of dollars off of this thing. Of course, after watching the video we think you’ll agree with us that they deserve every penny …



1. Booya - June 13, 2007

If Obamagirl’s gonna be Obama’s press secretary, I’ll vote twice.

2. Newspaper Hack - June 13, 2007

If Obamagirl will do to his campaign what Jenn Sterger did to Florida State football, I think the chances of Barry Hussein winning the nomination are about as good as the Seminoles scoring against Wake Forest.

Sorry. I lived in Winston-Salem for five years, and the idea that the Deacs would roll into Tallahassee and win 30-0 serves as a definite sign of the apocalypse.

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5. philipo - June 15, 2007

Obama girl
you got me curled
Coz i got crush on you

6. max - June 15, 2007


7. john - June 15, 2007

if i dont vote for ron paul i ll definetly vote for obama cuz of his girl, shes soo cute……..

8. Haleigh Aikaman - June 15, 2007

I like the song

9. YO CUZ - June 15, 2007

It’s such a crying shame that such a good looking girl would waste her time on a snowball chance in Hades candidate.

Barack WILL NOT be in the White House come January 20, 2009. There is a better chance of Bill Clinton being elected a third term than Barack making it, and the law prevents Bill from getting a third term.

Just goes to show you what a dumb white chick will do to get a little attention. Since the would-be actress can’t make it in Hollywood, she had to resort to the You Tube. True talent!

She obviously has no morals either as she should know that Obama is married! Tramp.

10. FITSNews - June 15, 2007


Why you gotta hate on people like that? Make a booty call tonight then come back tomorrow and comment. We promise you’ll feel better.


11. MC - June 16, 2007

Well first off all she isn’t a white chick… and second this song kicks a$$ the beat is awesome and well the lyrics fit… maybe Obama should be president….it’s about that we get someone colored in office instead of all these dumb white idiots who don’t make a change…..what does the world have to lose???

12. luvlady - June 16, 2007

Love the song!

13. Truth seeker - June 16, 2007

Are the balloons real or silicone?

14. DreamMaker1911 - June 16, 2007

I actually thought the song was funny and very entertaining, I even have to admit the beats were nice. This country has some serious issues and it is time for us to elect a president that can and will think outside of the box instead of just continuing with the good old boy system of doing things. We cant afford to have the mind set of politics as usual. We have men and women dying fighting for there country everyday. The United States of America will never reach its full potential as the greatest country in the world because we still judge people by there race and gender. One day, we are going to be just like that once great Roman Empire. We will no longer exist. We are our very own worse enemy! Obama would make an excellent President of the United States. If you fear him, fear him because he is an intelligent man with great ideas for one America, and not because he just happens to be African-American.

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