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Another Black Eye For USC Football? June 9, 2007

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USC Football


FITSNews – June 9, 2007 – As lifelong fans (and former employees) of the University of South Carolina Athletics Department, it pains us to hear of yet another scandal involving a pyramid scheme and a former Gamecock.

First it was former USC football coach and NFL superagent William “Tank” Black going down for an assortment of money laundering charges six years ago. This week, former Gamecock football and baseball standout Rob DeBoer has been implicated by the Federal Trade Commission in an alleged pyramid scam involving a popular music website.

The story, which was broken yesterday by The Palmetto Scoop, involves the website BurnLounge.com, an Internet-based music warehouse which the feds insist is actually an elaborate scheme designed to defraud investors.

According to the Palmetto Scoop story:

Such schemes are a violation of federal law because, by design, a majority of participants end up losing a great deal of money and inevitably cause millions of dollars in consumer injury. The BurnLounge scheme led participants to believe they could “cash in” on a current shift in music technology. Participants purchased one of three tiered packages and paid a monthly fee. The more expensive packages offer add-ons such as DVDs about the music industry, downloadable music selected by the company, and preferred seating and entry to select concert venues. They were then given the opportunity to earn monetary rewards by recruiting others into the scheme and for selling digital music through the “on-line stores.” The trick is that the scammers end up profiting by selling online music rather then (sic) from the fees earned by incorporating new participants.

DeBoer maintained his innoncence Friday in response to the charges levied against him, as did representatives of BurnLounge.com.



1. Newspaper Hack - June 10, 2007

Hey – is that picture from the ’05 Alabama-Carolina game? The one where Mike Shula outcoached the OBC?

I love that game. It gave me a chance to text “Roll Tide” to my ex. She called back and said I was an asshole and should never call her again. I kept laughing.

Good times.

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