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Is Sanford Challenging Graham? June 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

lindsey and reporters


FITSNews – June 8, 2007 – We weren’t at all surprised to hear that a poll was in the field checking up on the prospects of various GOP frontrunners for South Carolina’s 2010 gubernatorial race. After all, elections these days start pretty much the day after the candidates are born. We also weren’t at all surprised to hear that immigration was a key component of the poll, particularly after the beating U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has been taking on this volatile issue among conservative Republicans.

What did surprise us was the question that this poll (rumored to have been conducted by the Southern Strategy Group) posed about S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford – specifically asking whom respondants would choose if Sanford challenged Graham for his Senate seat in 2008.

Ummm … Say what? Graham is the godfather of Sanford’s youngest child, and the two have been thick as thieves throughout their respective political careers. Furthermore, one would think that if somebody was polling potential challengers to Graham they would ask about State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel instead.

Anyway, rumors are flying back and forth across the Palmetto State over the poll, which was in the field this Tuesday. Few details are known about its intent, but one veteran political observer surmised it was geared primarily for “internal use” since it did not ask detailed demographic data and targeted registered Republican primary voters only.

Representatives of the Southern Strategy Group did not return calls from FITSNews seeking comment, and House Speaker Bobby Harrell, a presumptive 2010 gubernatorial candidate whose brother John Harrell was previously employed by the company, said through a spokesman that his office was not involved.

Aides to the governor also denied any involvement in the poll and expressed surprise at the question about Sanford challenging Graham.

Two individuals who received the automated phone call tell FITSNews that the poll asked about Harrell, Attorney General Henry McMaster, U.S. Rep Gresham Barrett and U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins as possible gubernatorial candidates before delving into the immigration issue and the curious Sanford-Graham question.

Developing …



1. yunahalo - June 8, 2007

YAY! I have no idea what this is about, as I did not read it, but someone clicked on my blog from here… so I’m excited. :o)

2. Reality Check - June 8, 2007

After watching Lindsey kowtow to Washington liberals for the past 5 years, it’s a safe bet he won’t be getting my vote in next year’s primary. At this point, a Sanford challenge in 2008 is the best chance that conservatives in this state have to actually elect a conservative as their U.S. Senator.

3. Size Matters - June 9, 2007

When a reporter asked Lindsey Graham how big Will Folks’ brain is, Lindsey responded, “It’s about the size of healthy S.C. cockroach.”
Lindsey is pictured here demonstrating that size.

4. Aiken SC Native - June 9, 2007

Sic WIllie, the truth is that there are a number of REAL Republicans out there who could mount a credible challenge to Senator McGraham. Try these on for size: Charlie Condon, Thomas Ravenel, David Beasley, Mark McBride, Oscar Lovelace, Greg Ryberg, and even Buddy WItherspoon. I like the idea of a large primary field where LOG doesn’t even make the runoff!

5. roofus - June 9, 2007

I hope a Married, Heterosexual, Conservative runs against Lindsey.

6. Silence Dogood - June 9, 2007

Oscar Lovelace. . .that’s rich!

7. Lindsey Rocks - June 9, 2007

Leon Panetta hosted a show recently (Google it) with guests James Carville and Bill O’Reilly. Carville had a great quote, “The good news for Democrats is that they will have to talk their way out of the Presidency, the good news for Republicans is that they are perfectly capable of it.” Time will tell.

The Republican slate of candidates for President is weak at best. And, Republicans have already lost the House and lost the Senate. Check out Bush’s approval rating. It’s dropping faster than poop from one of the governor’s pigs.


Lindsey is a ray of Republican hope in a sea of Republican collapse (Newt’s choice of the word “collapse”). S.C. will re-elect Lindsay by a wide margin.

8. and rolls..... - June 10, 2007

The last bit of support President Bush had, he lost with this immigration bill fiasco. Senator Graham’s complicity in it hardly qualifies him as the ray of hope to lead the GOP back to the promised land.

Graham can avoid a challenger as long as he gets back to baiscs, but if he doesn’t change his tune soon, he will earn a viable GOP challenger.

If he does get a viable GOPer he will have to run to the hard right and spend a lot of money in the primary.

AND if the Dem’s are smart (a stretch I know), they will have a moderate family man with business credentials ready to take advantage of a weakend Graham.

That’s the only way he loses his seat.

9. Make me laugh - June 11, 2007

Aiken, SC native: ur choices make me laugh. Ryberg lost two statewide races…you can do better than that!

10. GVL GOP - June 11, 2007

Have to agree w/ Make me laugh….Aiken’s potential candidates are hilarious. Did somebody say David Beasley? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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12. Sticking A Fork In McCain? « FITSNews For Now - July 2, 2007

[…] of course the fire-eating segment of the GOP base looking to draw and quarter McCain and S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham for their support of a controversial – and now dead – immigration bill. With so many people looking […]

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