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S.C. Majority Leader Has Been Reading Too Much FITSNews June 7, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture, SC Politics.

paris cat


FITSNews – June 7, 2007 – Between letting school choice opponents up off the mat so he could attend a fundraiser and trying to play all sides during a recent controversial state Supreme Court race, S.C. House Majority Leader Jimmy Merrill has been a difficult bird to cage this year. Of course, reading Merrill’s quote in today’s press release from the House Republican Caucus, we may have finally figured out why he’s been so inconsistent and unpredictible lately.

“Who would have thought Paris Hilton would go home before the Senate did?” Merrill asks rhetorically in the release, comparing the current legislative clusterfuck in Columbia to the recently-terminated jail sentence of the celebrity popslut.

Clearly, Merrill has been reading too much of our extensive Paris Hilton coverage and not focusing enough attention on his job. No wonder State Sen. Glenn McConnell has been making rhetorical mincemeat of Merrill and State Rep. Annette Young this week during conference committee negotiations on the DOT reform bill. The legislative session is supposed to end an hour from now, but the way things are going it could be next June before these monkeys get something figured out. Oh well, at least there’ll still be plenty of FITSNews for everyone to read!

UPDATE – Paris is officially out of jail for “medical reasons.” And if you’re ready to laugh your ass off, there are four posts on the subject over on Tyler Durden.



1. So Frustrated - June 7, 2007

Oh, Will. You are so frustrated. And it is so ironic to watch you make fun of the Legislature. Perhaps someday you will run for a set in the Legislature and get all of this straightened out?

Right. That will happen when Paris Hilton gets an advanced degree in nuclear physics and invents a real flux capacitor. Maybe you should call her up.

Your inflated ego would be a perfect fit with her. Careful though. The real news is reporting she picked up a rash while in jail.

2. Give Me FITS - June 8, 2007

Hey, wait a second…that’s NOT Jim Merrill. (He has a bigger chest.)

What is Folks trying to pull?

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