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Drug Dealers Are Not So Bad June 4, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

jfk airport


FITSNews – June 4, 2007 – Who says your friendly neighborhood drug pusher is bad news? According to AP reports, the person responsible for breaking up the JFK Airport Terror Plot is a twice-convicted drug dealer turned federal informant:

According to court papers and investigators, the informant began working for the government in 2004, after his second drug-trafficking conviction in New York, and he quickly proved to be a credible source. He was sent to meet with the JFK plot’s alleged mastermind, Russell Defreitas, in 2006. Defreitas soon accepted the informant as legitimate, saying he was sure they knew each other through a Brooklyn mosque.

Apparently Defreitas has told investigators that he thought the informant was “sent by Allah to be the one” to pull off the bombing. Sounds to us like this informant has an acting career waiting for him whenever he’s done foiling international terror plots. Maybe he can even star as himself in a made for TV movie alongside Meredith Baxter Birney, who would play the part of (what else) a lesbian fuel tank security guard who’s had enough of the flagrant misogynistic tendencies of Islamic fundamentalists and has finally decided to take matters into her own hands.



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