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Playing The Triangle Isn’t Easy May 30, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

playing the triangle


FITSNews – May 30, 2007 – For the past few months, Gov. Mark Sanford‘s game plan has been to beat up on the ultra-liberal South Carolina Senate while holding his tongue when it comes to the slightly-less-liberal S.C. House of Representatives. It’s called “triangulation,” a political application of the old Arabian proverb, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

By laying off the House and focusing his bully pulpit’s … um … “fire and brimstone” on the Senate, Sanford had been hoping to gain an ally in the budget battle currently raging in the General Assembly.

Sanford’s plan hit its first major snag yesterday, however, when House Speaker Bobby Harrell took the governor to task for joining some State Senators who had gathered to rail on the issue du jour, illegal immigration.

“The governor did not acknowledge all three immigration reform bills passed earlier this year by the House or the immigration reform legislation the House passed last year,” Harrell said in a flurry of press statements issued yesterday from his office. “I wish the Governor had held this press conference last year to stress the House’s lone effort to pass strong immigration reform.”

Aside from the fact that expecting a bunch of South Carolina politicians to somehow solve the immigration problem is a lot like expecting a bowl of molasses to win the Indianapolis 500, it’s interesting to watch as the governor’s growing obsession with low-hanging political fruit is beginning to cost him.

For months, Sanford and his chief of staff Tom Davis have been mercilessly hammering away at the State Senate for its fiscal irresponsibility, largely ignoring the big government leanings of the House of Representatives in an effort to secure a practically non-existent income tax cut.

Talk about pathetic.

With $1.7 billion dollars in new money coming into Columbia, the largely irrelevent Sanford has been reduced to playing people’s egos off one another in an effort to secure a paltry $81 million in income tax relief. And now it looks like our state’s tactically-challenged governor can’t even get that right.

South Carolina should be chopping its job-choking top marginal rate of 7% down to a more competitive 4%, as true fiscal conservatives like State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel have suggested.

Unfortunately, in typical political fashion our governor and state legislature have given up on real tax relief and chosen instead to play footsie with each other on convenient issues they think will garner them banner headlines.

All of which goes to show when you’ve got no rhythm, even an instrument as easy as the triangle becomes exceedingly difficult to play.



1. Silence Dogood - May 30, 2007

“ultra-liberal South Carolina Senate”!?! What do you drink/smoke before you write this stuff, this is far and away the most puposterous thing you have written a long time and that is saying something.

2. FITSNews - May 30, 2007

“Puposterous” is what we say when our puppies ask to go outside and then don’t do anything. We assume you meant preposterous.

And you’re right, Silence, growing government by 40% over the last 4 years probably isn’t “ultra-liberal.”


3. Don Johnson - May 30, 2007


4. yep - May 30, 2007

So liberals want to grow government, ok. So far so good. And growth is measured by spending, ok, still ok. So, according to normalized federal spending trends, Bush’s decision to engage our troops in Iraq means he has grown government more (and is therefore more liberal) than any president since FDR. No? Sorry, I forgot to put Libertarian double standards into the equation. Maybe you’ve overgeneralized a little on this one.

5. FITSNews - May 30, 2007

Bush’s record on spending is atrocious with or without the Iraq War. Just because he’s Commanderer-in-Chief of the Moral Majority doesn’t make him a fiscal conservative.


6. Silence Dogood - May 30, 2007

Oh Goodness, I made a spelling error! retract my comments!

OK, maybe don’t retract them, on second thought consider that fiscal conservatives no longer have a party. Check out the spending (while cutting taxes) of the U.S. Congress over the past 12 years. . .if big spending is all it means to be liberal, or “ultra-liberal” then there are indeed practially no “conservatives” still around.

So by this measure you consider the S.C. Senate to be one of the most liberal in the country. I would assume the very meaningful term “ulta-liberal” would have to mean ‘more liberal than…” something or some one else?

Again I say “puposterous!”

Puposterous: 1. preposterous in a, slightyly dogmatic, almost puppy doggish way. 2. Posts made by a puppy dog or the like. 3. Blatant miss spelling by typo challenged commenter

This is great, S.C. has a huge surplus and you think the S.C. legislature is fiscally irresponsbile, yet the national Congress continues to grow larger and larger budget over the past 6 years – were they more or less “ultra liberal” by your standard than the S.C. Senate?

7. Silence Dogood - May 30, 2007

Oh I forgot, fiscal responsiblity is no longer measured by matching income and spending it is done sheerly on how many taxes you cut despte the debt or deficits (I was thinking of fiscal conservatives from years ago).

8. The Trawlerman - May 31, 2007

Silence, just slink off somewhere to lick your wounds. You are making a fool of yourself.

9. Silence Dogood - May 31, 2007

Trawlerman, don’t get it. I guess I am one of those fools who doesn’t even realize it. I’m just a tough cookie to convince that the S.C. legislature is “ultra-liberal” even fiscally speaking since without raisng taxes the state has surpluses?

I assume your definition of fiscal conservatism is cutting taxes and making sure the state has huge deficits and debt? I’ll take it you are an economist, because this old fool just doesn’t get it anymore.

10. tammy - May 31, 2007

again…that “ultra liberal” term. Are you in the pocket of the PFC nutjobs?

When the SC legislature starts implementing rights for gays and education for poor blacks…I might accept the term “ultra liberal.”

Until then…do share with us…what ARE you smoking?

11. The Aiken Hornet - June 1, 2007

What is the “national Congress”?

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