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Flipper Is Doing Tricks Again May 30, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

dolphin and dog


FITSNews – May 30, 2007 – Here we go again. It seems in every election cycle, you can count on at least one candidate to make a big deal about the fact he or she is refusing to take a salary. It’s a nice idea in theory, but all it usually ends up doing is reminding the average voter that the candidate in question is richer than God. Plus, it goes against one of America’s most basic ideals – getting an honest wage for a hard day’s work. But since it’s a quick and easy (albeit token and meaningless) gimmick that’s destined to grab some free media, campaigns frequently trot it out. Like Mitt Romney‘s campaign did yesterday.

As fiscal conservatives, we appreciate any effort to spare the taxpayers some of their hard-earned bucks. Of course, Romney’s technically not saying that he would refuse his $400,000 annual Presidential salary, he’s talking about donating it to an unspecified charity (probably something to do with cuddly puppies).

We’ve got a better idea. Instead of refusing a salary, what would happen if a presidential candidate agreed to a pay scale that was tied to the nation’s per capita income – currently about $42,000 a year? He or she would still be “saving” the taxpayers $358,000 annually and would actually have (or at least be perceived as having) a direct stake in raising income levels for the rest of us. Most Americans like knowing that their elected officials are working to save them money, and they don’t mind compensating them a fair amount to do so. In most cases such a declaration would still amount to little more than a “millionaire’s gimmick,” but at least this gimmick offers something people can get their brains around instead of serving as yet another reminder of how distant American politicians have become from the people they lead.



1. holly golightly - May 31, 2007

that pup is SO cute!

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3. Ruben D. Chevere - November 15, 2007

Seeking owner of dolphin-and-dog photo. Help?

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