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Keep Your Memorabilia, Barry May 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

Barry Bonds2


FITSNews – May 29, 2007 – As San Francisco Giants’ slugger Barry Bonds nears the all-time home run record, he’s apparently giving the Baseball Hall of Fame a bit of a headache. That’s because Bonds is currently refusing to pledge certain memorabilia (i.e. bat, jersey, gloves, etc.) from his imminent 756th dinger to the Cooperstown, New York shrine.

“I’m not worried about the Hall,” Bonds told ESPN recently. “I take care of me.”

This sort of prima donna selfishness is nothing new from Bonds. He’s been a jerk for the past two decades. The real mystery, however, is why the Hall of Fame would even accept shwag from the game’s most notorious cheater. Sure, Bonds is going to break Hank Aaron‘s career home run record this year (probably within the month), but as far as we’re concerned a record set on illegal performance-enhancing drugs isn’t a record. It’s cheating. Bonds doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and frankly his junk doesn’t deserve to occupy space reserved for legitimate accomplishments. So keep your crap, Barry. Sell it. Make millions of dollars off of it. Do whatever the hell you want with it. All the money in the world won’t change the fact that you cheated yourself, cheated your fans and most importantly, cheated the game.



1. Curt Schilling - May 28, 2007


Barry is the MLB steroid goat? Get real. They all dope, even in junior college.

All sports, all positions and athletes.

No dope, no hope.

George Mitchell (Chairman of Disney/ESPN) is the real steroid salesman.

2. FITSNews - May 29, 2007


We appreciate the 7.0 innings of one-run ball you threw for our fantasy baseball team last night, Meat.


3. RotoMan - May 29, 2007

Barry is evidently competing with famed base stealer, Ricky Henderson, for the lifetime sportsmanship award. He has a ways to go.

My favorite Ricky story:

While playing against Seattle late in his career he singled, placing him on first base. He struck up a conversation with first baseman, John Olerud. Olerud wore a batting helmet in the field, a rarity in baseball, and Henderson asked him about it. When Olerud told the story (about an injury early in his career) Henderson commented:

“Wow, what are the chances..when I played in New York there was a guy there did the same thing.”

To which Olerud responded: “Yeah, Ricky, that was me.”

Barry Bonds. He’s no Ricky Henderson.

PS: I hope Barry’s arms fall off after # 754.

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