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Journalist? Or Unabomber? May 28, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics, The Press.

brad warthen unabomber


FITSNews – May 28, 2007 – We’ve got to admit – we don’t spend too much time hanging out on Brad Warthen’s blog. As if all the holier-than-thou sermonizing, revisionist history and pseudo-socialist whining wasn’t enough to scare us off, more often than not there’s an incredibly frightening, way too “up close and personal” picture of The State newspaper’s editorial page editor staring back at us.

We’re not sure what’s funnier – that the most influential opinion writer at the largest newspaper in South Carolina looks a helluva lot like the Unabomber, or knowing that he probably sat there and took like a hundred different pictures of himself before, um, “nailing it.” There’s also a good chance he was talking to himself the whole time, psyching himself up for the big moment with some lines from Cool Hand Luke or something.

Seriously, stare at that picture for fifteen seconds and tell us your personal space hasn’t been completely violated, or that if you saw that face peering through your window in the carpool lane at daycare you wouldn’t call the cops immediately. You know, when we were in four-year-old kindergarten they showed us a movie once about not riding with strangers in which this guy took all the little kids he abducted and hid them in this dark, dirt-walled underground bunker. We’re not saying that guy was Brad Warthen or anything, but …



1. G.L. - May 28, 2007

I read his blog sometimes. Warthen is an idiot and one of the reasons The State is such a shitty paper.

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