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Republicans Are Going To Need Some Good Advertising May 25, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – May 25, 2007 – South Carolina Republicans are always bragging about how they live in the “most Republican state in the nation.” Of course they never tell you that they also live in the dumbest state in the nation, which means it’s not that hard to trick people.

As fiscal conservative libertarians, we here at FITSNews find both major parties lacking in many areas. But one thing we can say for the Democrats in South Carolina is at least they’ve been intellectually honest about what they stand for. Sadly, the same cannot be said for their counterparts on the other side of the aisle (you know, the party that’s supposed to be running the state).

The GOP claims to be for less government, but over the past four years Republicans in the S.C. General Assembly have grown government by 40% (assuming the current budget passes). The GOP claims to support school choice, but for the past three years Republicans in the S.C. General Assembly have successfully blocked it. The GOP claims to support lower taxes, but for the past five years Republicans in the S.C. General Assembly have done nothing but swap one tax for another. Of course for many, the proverbial cherry on top came Wednesday when the GOP-controlled legislature appointed a Democrat to fill a vacant seat on the S.C. Supreme Court.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Republican Gov. Mark Sanford ran great guns in his 2002 campaign on core party principles, promising to eliminate income taxes, implement a statewide voucher program and totally overhaul South Carolina’s 19th Century government structure. Upon arriving in Columbia, however, Sanford ran headlong into a brick wall that he has proven both incapable and unwilling to climb, rendering him all but irrelevent.

In the South Carolina House of Representatives, Speaker Bobby Harrell is drifting toward irrelevency himself as the liberal wing of the Republican party continues to dictate terms to him through its alliance with the Democratic Caucus.

Over in the State Senate, the purse strings are held by a Democrat-turned-Republican who openly professes that he has “never seen the economic benefit” of cutting taxes.

We’ve seen dozens of polls showing that South Carolinians (bless their hearts) support spending caps, tax cuts, school choice and other ostensibly “Republican” ideals. So why don’t these things happen? And why do GOP voters keep reelecting the people who keep them from happening?

In the coming days, we’ll be exploring the rumored rise of a “Conservative Caucus” in state government, a group of first and second-term Republican legislators who have reportedly grown weary of the pervasive ideological hypocrisy evidenced by so many of their GOP colleagues. We’ll also be looking closely at the other side of the splintered Republican party, the left-leaning GOP legislators who are consistently voting with the Democrats and against their party’s core principles.

Finally – and this is really going to be fun – we’re planning on publishing a scorecard plotting where each Republican legislator stands in relation to those two groups on one line, coupled with the amount of influence they wield on the legislative process on the other line.

Call it the “GOP Power Matrix.”

Our guess is that this little scorecard will demonstrate that a disproportionate percentage of “GOP Power” in South Carolina is lodged in the hands of those who bear little, if any, resemblance to the party they purport to serve. But then again we’ll just have to wait and see what the tally tell us …

In the meantime, “stupid is as stupid votes.”



1. GKP - May 25, 2007

I say again…don’t blame the legislators. All they do is what they believe will get them re-elected. So long as the electorate continues to reward the “bring home the bacon” mentality, and so long as corporations have sold out free-markets for political favors (US Tobacco being only the most recent example)… we should expect more of the same: big spending.

Too often the voters’ attitude is that we support fiscal conservatism, so long as we still get our largesse; we support school choice, so long as our district isn’t affected; we want conservative judges, except when the lib lives down the street from us.

That said, while it may be more of the same, it may well be with a different party in power. As FITS says, that is probably as it should be: at least the Dems are honest about what they stand for. (In fact, if the Dems take over, you can count on more of the same, as it is likely that the chairs of various committees won’t change — they will be the same folks with different letters after their names.)

The only way to change any of that — without a groundswell of grassroots revolt, which is unlikely (we have no Ronald Reagan to lead the charge) — the only hope is strong conservative and well-positioned leadership, which SC lacks.

If you are looking for the source of the problem (and, in fairness, the solution), start with the mirror.

2. GKP - May 25, 2007

Ooops, my comments are “awaiting moderation…”

Interesting. I thought moderates were the problem.

I wonder if that means Leatherman is screening them.

3. holly golightly - May 25, 2007

i really like this, Will.


4. tammy - May 25, 2007

looking forward to this. I’m glad WIlson has found employment as part of your team.

5. FITSNews - May 25, 2007


Sic Willie is actually highly upset about the new policy. He relished those three seconds where his Rachel McAdams fantasies were posted for all to see prior to us having to go back and yank them down.

There was some scary stuff there. Scary, scary stuff.


6. Sleepless In Columbia - May 25, 2007

Nice post! However, re: GKP, I do blame the legislators. They’re supposed to be leaders.

7. GKP - May 25, 2007

Agreed, they are responsible for being leaders. But we are responsible for 1) electing those who can/do lead and 2) un-electing those who cannot/do not.

Ask yourself: Who is your State Senator? Who is your State Rep? Are they part of the problem or the solution?

Trust me, there are a lot of conservatives in Anderson who think that Dan Cooper is a strong example of conservative leadership. Ditto the Leatherman fans in Florence.

8. Sandlapper - May 25, 2007

The actions of the governor and the legislature and the reactions of the citizens of SC to them bring to mind Will Rogers’ quote regarding another conservative Republican–the indomitable Calvin Coolidge: “He didn’t do nothing, but that’s what everybody wanted done!”

9. Give Me FITS - May 25, 2007

Hey, when we do this whole Matrix thing, can I be that Morpheus dude? I could wear a lot of frameless sunglasses and say cool things like “Only you know what I know what you know what she knows,” and “Here is one red pill, and one blue pill…one pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small, and the one that mother gives you, doesn’t do anything at all.”

Wait, wait, wait… that was Grace Slick, wasn’t it. Never mind, then. I got them mixed up again. Happens a good bit.

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