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Pay Attention, Britney May 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.



FITSNews – May 24, 2007 – American Idol judge Simon Cowell wasn’t elected to the S.C. Supreme Court yesterday, but that didn’t stop him from issuing a well-reasoned opinion on pop singer Britney Spears in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

“Only Britney can save her career,” Cowell said in the interview. “Britney is still one of the most talked about pop stars on the planet. She has the X factor, people want to write about her, and she’s not conventional, and she’s not normal. She can’t handle the tension and the pressure. My advice to her six months ago was to go home to your family, lock the door, don’t go out with your stupid friends, have some home-cooked food. Get a sense of reality. Go and lie in the garden, OK? And then say to yourself there’s more good in my life than bad. I’m still a rich, talented girl and now I want to get my career back on track. End of story.”

Wow. Why don’t we have someone in our lives like Simon Cowell? Seriously, we go into our secret garden all the time but it never seems to work out. Maybe if Simon was our Cabana Boy that would help. But there is more good in our lives than bad. And we are rich, talented girls who are willing to do what it takes to get our careers back on track. Now fetch us some sunscreen and Bloody Marys, Simon!



1. Moderation - May 24, 2007

Will Folks in moderation is an improvement. A little bit of him goes a long way.

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