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Next Supreme Court Justice Blasts Sic Willie May 23, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.


FITSNews – May 23, 2007 – It’s safe to say that Sic Willie won’t be on the Christmas Card list of Judge Donald W. Beatty, who was elected on the third ballot today by a joint session of the South Carolina General Assembly to become the Palmetto State’s next Supreme Court justice.

“You’ve done more to destroy judicial integrity in this state than anyone I’ve ever met,” Judge Beatty told FITSNews‘ founding editor shortly before winning today’s election.

Ouch … now who the hell are we going to get to fix our parking tickets? Anyway, we’ll have more fallout from today’s “nuclear” Supreme Court vote in the days ahead, but for now we’d just like to remind the Judge that the people who’ve destroyed “judicial integrity” in this state are actually the people who just elected him.



1. ha - May 23, 2007

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You’re right. everyone’s corrupt but you Will.

2. hahaha - May 23, 2007

Will, here’s a link if you need help with your big words:

3. ha - May 23, 2007


and a link for you . . . for the help you apparently need.

4. ha - May 23, 2007

that is that Will needs. . .GOSH you only get once to make a first impression

5. FITSNews - May 23, 2007

Everyone’s corrupt but us? Wow! You’re right!

Wait … you were being sarcastic.

In that case never mind.


6. HereComeDaJudge - May 23, 2007

When did Will Folks ever have a clue what integrity is?

Let’s think for a moment. We remember things like a DUI conviction, the abuse of his position as a State employee with the corvette, an incident threatening an elected official, a criminal domestic violence conviction, fired by the governor for general principal, fired by schotline in record time for a nasty personal political attack. That’s a pretty good summary of his experience with integrity.

Congratulations Judge Beatty and to the honorable Legislators who wisely placed you on the court.

7. Newspaper Hack - May 23, 2007

“Fired by SC Hotline” should be on a T-shirt somewhere, like “Paris Hilton gave me the clap.”

8. ha - May 23, 2007

Is “us” you plus all the voices in your head because I believe I said Will. Don’t try to bring the whole ship down – or boat, ok raft.

9. Ben Tillman - May 23, 2007

At least we finally have our token judge on the court. Keep fighting the good fight, Will, I hope those responsible for this will pay in the next election cycle.

10. ha - May 23, 2007

Ben, didn’t the re-election of Mark Sanford teach us that the electorate doesn’t care about performance when make their voting decisions?

11. tammy - May 23, 2007

i have to say…i agree with Justice Beatty. I’ve found the last few weeks of this process very disheartening. As a layperson, I’ve really tried to understand the process, the protocal, etc. without much luck. Those of that don’t understand it all (that would be the majority) can only hope the process is not flawed.

And I don’t feel like that anymore and that sucks.

While the selection process may or may not be flawed (I don’t know because I’m still trying to understand it all), I don’t believe it has any place in the political circus it has been in over the past few weeks. We walk a fine line when we allow our justice system to be manipulated in such a way.

Anyhoo, congrats to Justice Beatty. I’m not sure what the “good fight” is that your commenter is referring to…but for the sake of SC…I hope things go well for him in his tenure on the Supreme Court.

12. Beldar of Rumulak - May 23, 2007

I, Beldar of Remulak, congratulate Judge Beatty on becoming a S.C. Supreme Court Justice and for standing up to the slime mongers like willfolks. He is a Meepzor!

I am offering the services of my imaginary political consulting firm, ViewRemulak, to support the reelection campaign of all Legislators who also stood up so honorably to the slimy false allegations and trumped up rumors fostered here by fitsnews.

Humanoids of Earth should take note that the rumors and gossip spread here were typical of the politically motivated attacks that are so common from “Remulakians In Name Only” such as will folks. He should be banished to Meepzor until the flagulats come home for his lack of integrity.

13. yep - May 23, 2007


14. JLK - May 23, 2007

Congratulations to Judge Beatty and the Legislature on a job well done. No one pays much attention anymore to the spineless attacks like we see here.

15. yep - May 23, 2007

They may be spineless but at least they are entertaining, unlike the posts of a certain aspiring science fiction writer.

16. Scott - May 23, 2007

My heart is so blessed to know that our “Republican” legislature just voted for the least qualified candidate to be on the Supreme Court of South Carolina.

I guess the good ‘ole boy system is alive and well in South Carolina.

As long as you are a legislator or have been a legislator, you get wheaver you want from the spinless, gutless wonders who calls themselves representatives.

17. yep - May 23, 2007

So to be qualified I guess you have to be conservative, oops I did it again, I played with your heart, and got lost in the game. . .

18. I know you are - May 23, 2007


Judge Beatty is now a S.C. Supreme Court Justice. The sensation you think is a “blessed” heart is really just the heartburn you feel because a non”Republican” minority was selected for the court.

It appears your idea of qualified means white and Republican.

Have a blessed day.

19. Earl - May 23, 2007

If everyone but Will is corrupt (I presume “everyone” includes me?), then how come I’m broke, sleeping alone, and nobody likes me?

20. never will - May 23, 2007

The only way Will Folks will ever get any paying clients is at gun point.

21. The Aiken Hornet - May 23, 2007

This was a bad day for the GOP. I could care less for the idiotic war between you consultants and “Republican” government employees but the Republican led General Assembly missed a great chance to improve the quality of the bench and make it more conservative. Go BIPEC go!!

22. Bad Day - May 23, 2007

The bad days for Republicans are going to get a lot worse before they get any better. Even here in S.C. You say it’s not so? Check the vote again for Judge Beatty. And wait until Hillary is elected!

23. Integrity - May 23, 2007


This is a test. The above word is (choose the best answer):

a) a spelling correction
b) an editorial comment
c) both a. and b. above

24. Scott - May 23, 2007

No, there are a number of individuals who would make great jurists and are black. The S. C. Bar evaluation showed Beatty to be the least qualified of the three – that is the main point that I am making.

25. Ben Tillman - May 24, 2007

It’s not will who’s violating the integrity of the Judicial process, it’s the fucking legisators making backroom deals for their own political gain in exchange for South Carolina values which Beatty may trample all over if he shows his true liberal colors on the bench. This is the most conservative state, we vote in conservatives, and they give us liberal judges. The judicial selection system is broken and backwards in South Carolina, and it needs to change.

26. Newspaper Hack - May 24, 2007

@ Ben Tillman

Heh. “South Carolina values?” Are you kidding? During my time in the Palmetto State (July-Oct. ’89, Dec. ’97-Dec. ’99, June ’02-May ’05), the “values” I found weren’t stellar. Aggressive ignorance seems to be a chief South Carolina “value,” along with latent racism. And, for that matter, overt racism. Of course, I shouldn’t be shocked that such ill-informed comments comes from a person that uses the name of one of the most evil motherfuckers in American politics as his/her nom de guerre.

27. The Aiken Hornet - May 24, 2007

Do you really trust Mark Sanford to appoint “conservative” judges?

For someone to refer to themselves as Ben Tillman, the Pitchfork dude, and demand change in state government is strange.

The most qualified candidate did not win. I hope Annette Young and Arnold Goodstein are exposed along with the MANY others that The Aiken Hornet is aware of who need to be exposed. State GOP Legislators = Corrupt = LOG types.

28. GKP - May 24, 2007

Ben suggests that SC “is the most conservative state (where) we vote in conservatives…”

Tell me, Ben, who are those of whom you speak? Harry Cato? Dan Cooper? Lindsay Graham? Please, give me a list of these conservatives so that I might support them.

The real reasons that we elected a liberal judge, spend too much money and just generally are a moderate state are 1) the voters, who reward lawmakers who bring home the bacon and 2) the business community, which traded laissez-faire for “public-private partnerships” a generation ago.

We reaped yesterday what we, as voters, sowed. The only way to really change it is to change the way we vote.

29. Pay Attention, Britney « FITSNews For Now - May 24, 2007

[…] – May 24, 2007 – American Idol judge Simon Cowell wasn’t elected to the S.C. Supreme Court yesterday, but that didn’t stop him from issuing a well-reasoned opinion on pop singer […]

30. holly golightly - May 24, 2007

did he really?

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