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Dreams Of Gas Tax Increase Blocking S.C. DOT Reform May 23, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

gasoline pumping


FITSNews – May 23, 2007 – S.C. Sen. Hugh Leatherman‘s burning desire to see South Carolina’s gas tax raised by ten cents a gallon is the latest roadblock to a Department of Transportation reform bill, sources tell FITSNews. At a time when retail gas prices are at an all-time high and South Carolina’s budget is flush with cash for the third year in a row, Leatherman is said to be hoping for a more favorable economic and budgetary environment in which to make his case for the tax increase, which he would then insist on as a tradeoff for passing the bill.

Our sources, who are intimately familiar with comments made by Leatherman behind closed doors at the conference committee negotiating this year’s state budget, said that the Senator specifically told them “there isn’t going to be a DOT reform bill this year” before outlining his tax hike proposal. Both the House and Senate have passed differing versions of DOT reform, but it hasn’t cleared conference committee yet, with many incorrectly assuming that the real threat to its ultimate passage involved a dispute over appointment power for the agency’s commissioners and executive director.

Given his recent history of shady deals, this kind of stunt should hardly come as a surprise from Leatherman – who lost his position as Senate Majority Leader several years ago because of his support for higher gas taxes. Of course, what would also hardly come as a surprise is if Leatherman has a miniature bust of Vladimir Lenin stowed away in a secret compartment somewhere in his State House desk that he takes out to lovingly pet, caress and whisper sweet socialist nothings into its ear when no one else is in the room.

UPDATE – A loyal reader just reminded us that a Vladimir Lenin miniature ceramic bust is actually several inches taller than Sen. Leatherman, meaning he would probably have to use a stool to whisper in its ear. We think it’s still a precious image, though. Especially if you like little communists.



1. Thug - May 23, 2007

Now will-the-thug has resorted to censorship to block posts from the most reliable source or news and information in the Midland.

Everyone knows of his bad temper and that he can’t stand the heat. So, Plan B is in effect. Our news posts will be found on other local blogs until will’s un-American censorship stops.

-No Name News

2. Earl - May 23, 2007

Thug – it’s not censorship – this is his blog, and he has editorial control. On my blog, postings which are not germane to the topic being discussed and/or insulting are regularly not approved.

You and I don’t have to like what he says, and for what it’s worth, I’m not sure how much of what I see I believe or agree with on FITS, but again, it’s his blog, not mine.

I will give him credit for at least having the cojones to put his name next to what he’s saying.

3. G.L. - May 23, 2007

Keep showing everyone how Leatherman really is. I wish some of this would come out some of the state newspapers (or maybe just a Florence newspaper) so the general public can see his true colors.

4. Joshua Gross - May 23, 2007

Anybody remember Upstate Voice? I’m having flashbacks…

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6. FITSNews - May 23, 2007


It’s not censorship, it’s just that we derive a lot of enjoyment from watching you try to post the same comment 50 times in a row.

We’ll usually let it stick (eventually), but we want to make sure your employer is getting value for their money.

Call us sick, sadistic bastards, it’s just how we roll.


7. Silence Dogood - May 23, 2007

For all of you inventors out there here’s a plan. Create a car that runs off of milk – in the not too distant future you will be able to save a lot of money by filling up your tank with 2% or skim milk rather than using petrol AND the real benefit outside of saving money is that it will go grrrrrreat with cookies.

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10. State House Nuclear Meltdown « FITSNews For Now - June 5, 2007

[…] House as being responsible for the impasse between the two Republican-led chambers, is said to be holding up a controversial transportation reform bill in an effort to secure more favorable conditions next year for a gas tax […]

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