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TV Ad Rocks S.C. Supreme Court Race May 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – May 19, 2007 – Every so often a political advertisement comes along that is single-handedly capable of bringing an elected official to his or her knees. Only time will tell if the new TV advertisement on South Carolina’s controversial Supreme Court race produced by Greenville, S.C.-based 501 (c) 4 “Conservatives In Action” is such an ad, but the spot certainly has the potential to force Upstate Republican Reps. Lanny Littlejohn, Keith Kelly and Joe Mahaffey to hit the ground in search of divine intervention.

To view the ad for yourself, click here.

All three Republican representatives targeted by the new ad are reportedly backing Democrat Donald W. Beatty for the open seat on the State Supreme Court, but an ad like this one could easily turn them from “soft supporters” into “hard opponents.” A tour de force of hot button social conservative issues (abortion, gay marriage, gun control, taxes and property rights) aimed at tens of thousands of living rooms in the heart of the “Buckle of the Bible Belt,” the ad is by far the most effective political communication we’ve seen from the conservative movement in quite some time – “a dagger in the heart for an elected official” as one State Representative told FITSNews. Developing …



1. Newspaper Hack - May 19, 2007

Oh, wow, I beat out B-I-N for the first post.

Yeah, I think thumping the tub in the Upstate could easily cower those who are looking to break from the hard line. Did you see the metro reports for the primary disclosures? Five Republicans, including virtually-unknown Duncan Hunter, beat out the nearest Democrat for money in the Upstate.

2. This, my friends, is an attack ad « Journalism Is For Rockstars - May 19, 2007

[…] TV Ad Rocks S.C. Supreme Court Race [FITSNews] […]

3. believeitnot - May 20, 2007

BTW – Hack,

Good to see you on top of sic(k) willie for a change (so to speak).

The editorial board at BELIEVEITNOT.NEWS hopes those upstate representatives will stick to their principals against this kind of slime. Integrity and credibility count. Things weewillie is missing.

BTY, attack ads are not news – particularly in S.C. Even stooges like Moe, Larry, Curly and weewillie know that all it takes is a little money and imagination. This one smells like something from the stooges who brought us the SCRG attack ads. It smells fishy.


4. chill - May 22, 2007

Why support Bruce Willians? He has never tried a criminal case or a civil case (other than divorces and child support). He needs to go to the circuit court so that he can get the kind of experience needed for the Supreme Court.

5. chill - May 22, 2007


6. SPTBG. - May 22, 2007

Scott: Beatty never voted for abortions rights.However , he did vote to prevent tax dollars from being spent on anything having to do with abortions;He co-sponsored the concealed weapons permit bill that is current law;He is a fiscal conservative; and he understands that judges do not make law, legislators do. finally, he received 9 of 10 votes from the judicial merit selection committee. Your candidate only received 6, and his legal experience is limited to divorces and child support cases.

7. Tina Williams - May 22, 2007

Conservatives in Action is a splinter group of the school choice (school vouchers for private schools)chameleon.They should admit that their reason for opposing Beatty is because of their problem with the ethics laws that require they disclose their financing and expenditure information. Their case has been dismissed by the Federal court and will likely end up in the SC SUPREME COURT. They are trying to buy them a judge.

8. RLindsey - May 22, 2007

No one has ever gone this far in a judicial election. What ‘s really going on here? Bruce williams is clearly the least qualified candidate.

9. egg tooth - May 22, 2007

What about Brian White and Dan Cooper in Anderson County. Those two “Republicans” are proud they are voting for that liberal democrat.

10. VernonB - May 22, 2007

None of Bruce williams’s supporters who are finaning these attacks have yet to produce any evidence that Bruce williams is a conservative(he voted for Clinton). did they talk to him? Did he agree to rule in their favor, or are they just racist as thier ad suggests?

11. VernonB - May 22, 2007

Who is financing this expensive and coordinated attack on Judge Beatty?

12. VernonB - May 22, 2007

The groups taking credit for various attacks are all spawn of the same out of state demagogues. They all share directors, board members, and financiers. They were very active in Rep. Cotty’s election.

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