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Ringside With America’s First “Black President” May 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

Clinton Live


FITSNews – May 19, 2007 – The word of God is preached every Sunday morning from the pulpit of Columbia, S.C.’s Bible Way Church, but this Friday night it was former president Bill Clinton who seemed to walk on water.

It’s been over six years since Clinton stepped out of the Oval Office for the last time, but you would’ve thought it was yesterday judging by the uproarious reception he received from a crowd of 2,300 gathered for the NAACP’s annual Freedom Fund celebration.

Welcomed by a floor-shaking standing ovation, introduced by Bishop Frederick C. James as “the greatest United States President, ever” and mobbed by several hundred adoring supporters following his remarks, Clinton’s appearance served as a compelling reminder that his star power, rhetorical flair and legendary African-American support are just as politically potent today as they were when he left office … if not moreso.

For the record, we’ve never bought into the conservative contempt so often reserved for Clinton. We figure 22 million new jobs, unprecedented GDP growth and the longest peacetime economic expansion in U.S. history constitutes a pretty good economic record. And while we know Clinton wasn’t personally responsible for all that, his capital gains tax cut was certainly a vital part of the economic boom that helped produce a roaring economy and the first federal surpluses since 1969.

Of course, we could have done without Clinton’s infuriating obfuscations during the Lewinsky scandal, his administration’s failure to adequately upgrade our nation’s intelligence gathering capabilities and his ill-fated attempt to socialize health care in America, but we digress …

For 2008 Presidential junkies, Clinton’s speech wasn’t exactly loaded with quoteworthy zingers. He made a quick passing reference to his wife Hillary’s campaign for the presidency, saying half-jokingly “I think women ought to run everything,” but the balance of Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls were not even mentioned.

Rather than focus on the upcoming election, Clinton instead offered a global vision of “interdependence” in a world he described as “unequal, unstable and unsustainable.”

“We need a world with fewer enemies and more partners,” Clinton said, before adding later that “you can’t build a world with more partners and fewer enemies without constantly improving at home.”

In discussing his contention that providing more worldwide humanitarian aid was a critical ingredient to stopping the spread of global terrorism, he even joked how obvious it was he wasn’t running for office anymore because “these ideas wouldn’t win me many votes.”

Clinton also dished extensively on the economy, saying the pursuit of energy independence and the advancement of environmentally-friendly industrial and manufacturing technologies should have been much bigger employment engines for the current decade, similar to the way the information technology revolution spurred job growth during the 1990’s.

“The reason we have flat incomes is that we don’t have a source of new jobs in this decade,” he said.

Although light on specifics throughout and not quite the overpowering performance we at FITSNews were expecting from the Democratic Party’s “Great Communicator,” Clinton’s themes were nonetheless accessible, well-organized and surprisingly nonpartisan.

And when it comes to generating a pervading magnetism unmatched by any Presidential candidate in recent memory, one thing was clear – Clinton’s still got it.



1. believeitnot - May 19, 2007

weewillie needs to stick to what his readers really want to know:

So, why is weewillie still trying to spread his slimy rumor that a midlands elected official has a “str@m problem?” Still hoping there is some truth to it?

Someday he’ll admit he was played for a fool. Watch for more on this breaking story as we here at believeitnot.news get more reliable anonymous email updates from unnamed sources.

Why was he played for a fool so easily? He must have had visions of becoming the Matt Drudge of S.C. by finally breaking a real story. But, all weewillie can do is break wind.

His latests posts are more examples of breaking wind…sorry, breaking stories backed up by anonymous emails and unnamed sources. Reliable sources tell us the monsters under his bed have almost finished eating all his dust bunnies. What next?

In person weewillie is even more effective at breaking things: breaking doors, breaking furniture, breaking wind. Wheeew, weewille, lay off the pickled eggs and beer.

2. believeitnot - May 19, 2007

NEWS FLASH – Jake Knotts Challenges sic(k) willie to Duel!

According to highly reliable and well placed anonymous sources very close to Senator Knotts’ napkin stash, the Senator has challenged sic(k) willie to a duel on the State House steps. It seems Boss Hogg has discovered sic(k) willie started a thread about him on a local gossip blog.


sic(k) willie will have first choice of weapons, and history suggests he will pick empty beer cans from 10 paces.

If he allows the Boss to choose weapons he will likely pick Dixicrats from across the table. But, watch out. The Senator has a concealed carry permit and has been known to carry a small squirt bottle of mustard – under his coat!

Stay tuned to believeitnot.news as this story gets ripe.

3. FITSNews - May 19, 2007

Sic Willie chooses the ghost of Harry Caray as his weapon.


4. sic haters - May 19, 2007

so sic willie loves slick willie. no surprise there. this exactly what the problem with will folks is. he calls everybody under the sun a “RINO” but defends bill clinton to the dying breath.

you cannot have it both ways will.

btw BIN (paul adams) you can take notes if you want on how to make a relevent point. and might want to go with weswie to get those ritalen and lithium prescrips filled.

5. believeitnot - May 19, 2007

sic(k) willie better not bring a baseball bat for Jakie to get his hands on unless he already has an appointment with a proctologist to have it removed.

6. believeitnot - May 19, 2007

Geeezz, sic haters. Why so nasty? The enemy of your enemy may be your friend. Or your neighbor. weewillie will attack or defend anyone for a price. That’s one of many reasons his credibility is in the toilet.

7. Need help? - May 19, 2007

SC Charter Counseling Center —

This is for you, believeitnot. Schizophrenia is a disease, not a moral weakness.

8. tammy - May 20, 2007

Gdamnit…bill rocks.

9. tammy - May 20, 2007

sorry for cursing…like Mark Sanford…sometimes I just can’t help myself. 😉

10. Jakie's illie - May 21, 2007

Wait a minute…I thought the NAALCP was boycotting SC? Why are they meeting in Columbia? Oh I see, they only boycott when it’s convenient for them or they want some negative media attention on SC. Hypocrites.

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