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Gov. Potty Mouth May 18, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

No Swearing


FITSNews – May 18, 2007 – It’s no big thing for us to us to call “bullshit” here at FITSNews. We do it everyday. Of course, ever since our mothers started reading the blog we’ve had to start calling it “bullsh*t,” because inserting that “asterisk” thing keeps us from getting spanked – and keeps our site family friendly, just the way we like it (editor’s note: smiley face). It also keeps us from having to make all of our stuffed animals put their earmuffs on, or having to yell “Mommy said earmuffs!” like eleventeen times when they ignore us.

But that’s neither here nor there. When we curse in front of our stuffed animals, it’s not really news. When the Governor of South Carolina curses in front of a reporter though, well that’s a different story. Especially if the reporter has the foul-mouthing on tape.

Of course the funniest part about S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford using the word “bullshit” (we’re quoting, mommies) in a recorded interview is not necessarily that it happened (in spite of his goody two shoes, God-fearing public persona the governor has always cursed quite a bit in his office). The funniest part is that Sanford actually haggled over the quote, thus creating the dreaded next day story, a.k.a. the “Governor says he didn’t say ‘bullshit’ even though it sure sounds a lot like ‘bullshit’ on the tape” story.

And now quoting from that story by The Politico’s Jonathan Martin we read:

(Sanford) called my cell phone this morning and expressed surprise that he had used the word “bullshit.” I assured him that that is what was in my notes and what I heard when I played back the interview. He asked to hear the recording and I went back to his office today to play it for him. After listening to it approximately five times, Sanford was convinced that he did not use the eight-letter word. He couldn’t say what it was that he did say, but was positive that it was not “bs.” He argued that he did not use the word in either his public or private language and an aide swore to the latter.

Uhhh … Sanford doesn’t use the word in his private language? Really?

That must by why the running joke among Sanford’s staff whenever they were expecting the governor’s reaction to something they’d worked on was determining where it would rate on the infamous “Sanford Shitty Scale.” If they were lucky, Sanford would simply call something “shitty,” but more often than not he would move up the scale of disapproval by calling it “extremely shitty,” “incredibly shitty,” “ridiculously shitty” or, in rare instances, “unbelievably shitty,” the ultimate in negative gubernatorial feedback.

Doesn’t use the word in his private language? Yeah, that’s bullsh*t.

Ironically, one of Sanford’s former colleagues in the U.S. House, Steve Largent, lost a close governor’s race in Oklahoma in 2002 (the same year Sanford was elected) shortly after he was caught saying bullsh*t during a television interview.

Must’ve been all that bullsh*t up in Washington that turned them into such potty mouths.

Of course Sanford won’t have to worry about his reference to male bovine fecal matter coming back to haunt him at the polls seeing as all this talk about him running for Vice President is apparently “bullshit.”

Which ironically is probably also a bunch of … well, you know.



1. Alex Gillon - May 18, 2007

I thought that the Governor was more into pigs than bulls.

2. A Friend - May 18, 2007

The phrase that the Governor “swears quite a bit” in the office is a fallacy. It’s not unheard of, but you make it sound like he talks like a sailor, which simply is untrue. The Governor talks in private pretty much like people would expect he would.

Will, I’ve read your blog for some time, with increasing sadness. Seriously, I implore you to seek some help working through a few issues. Find a good preacher or a counselor and spend some time with that person. I say this in all sincerity as someone who knows understands a fair amount about your issues, who believes in your skills and who actually cares about your welfare.

You have a great deal of writing talent, and I wish you could channel it into something more useful. You’d be happier. Get out of politics for awhile and just stop following it for a few months. It’s a cruel mistress that feeds on ambition and idealism and spits it out as frustration and anger, and it’s poisonous, not just for you, but for anybody to stay in it for too long at one time.

Go write a sports column; write a screenplay. Go travel somewhere and write about it for a magazine. You’d be great at it, and it pays better. Do something positive with your considerable and marketable skills, instead of snapping back at people you think underappreciated you. Feeling underappreciated is a fact of life for most people; the great Irish and French novelists made a living off of it.

It’s time to move on and show people what you’re made of. You know the old line, “Living well is the best revenge.” It’s famous because it’s true. I’m sure there’s a good career, a good woman and true happiness in your future. But you’ll probably have to leave Columbia to find them all. I wish you all good things.

3. Mark Sanford - May 18, 2007

That last post was Bullshit!

4. believeitnot - May 18, 2007

Will is just a nick name. His full name is: Richard Cranium Folks.

It’s shocking that this foul mouth rumormonger is making an issue out of someone for a slip of the tongue. Remember his slip of the foot? Kicked in a door and convicted of CDV!

But, back to facts. Let’s turn back the clock a couple of days in case anyone missed this little gem:

May 16, 2007
“…Folks posted an article about one legislator with a “Strom problem,” an illegitimate black child, a presumed threat to State Senator Jake Knotts, without posting a name. We now learn that Folks was promised an exclusive with the evidence of that allegation if he ran the preview, but the evidence was never provided (because it didn’t exist and Knotts does not have an illegitimate child), leading Folks to nearly outting the “plumbers” on a number of occasions. All of this has culminated with Knotts indirectly threatening lawsuits on the McConnell ETV taping last week and Folks airing out more and more Sanford insider secrets.”

See, we told you so! Our anonymous sources are more reliable than weewillie’s. The monsters under weewillie’s bed may be eating his dust bunnies, but they’re nothing to a political monster munching a Dixiecrat in one hand and holding a jar of good ole plain yellow mustard in the other. Enjoy your lunch willie.

5. Newspaper Hack - May 18, 2007

“Our anonymous sources?” B-I-N is Wes Donahue?

6. Give Me FITS - May 18, 2007

I thought that was common knowledge. Weswie and Will are good buddies.

Up until this string I thought B-I-N also could have been from the governor’s office, but the “Friend” post above sounds, in all fairness, like His Excellency himself — the Irish and French novelists stuff is a good hint — which would make it strange if B-I-N was part of Sanford’s office. (For what it was worth, I thought the entry was sincere. It verges on condescension in places — especially if it was written by/for the governor or any other longtime pol — but it seemed fundamentally honest).

Whoever B-I-N is, I like his/her/their style: fight the cut-and-paste problems by…cutting and pasting. Nice.

7. believeitnot - May 18, 2007

That post by A Friend was so touching that it made the entire staff here at believeitnot.news get all misty eyed. Friend is exactly right. Will does need some help. Lots of help.

It would do him good to see a therapist for some counseling or maybe even a doctor. If he doesn’t lay off of the midland’s top Dixiecrat eating champ, weewillie is going to need a good proctologist. To surgically remove Jakie’s foot from his @ss.

Newspaper Hack, you’re kinda cool. Not very bright, but cool.


8. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 18, 2007

[…] Gov. Potty Mouth [image] LOOKS LIKE ITS TIME FOR A SWEAR JAR IN THE S.C. GOVERNOR’S OFFICE FITSNews – May 18, 2007 – It’s no […] […]

9. A Friend - May 18, 2007

I am most certainly not His Excellency. I’d probably bet a lot of money that the big guy doesn’t read this, or any other, blog. I’d guess he doesn’t read any French or Irish novelists either.
I’m nobody of any consequence; simply an old friend of Will’s and I believe in his potential.

10. Jenny S. - May 18, 2007

Every one of these comments is bullshit!

11. FITSNews - May 19, 2007

Dear “Friend,”

First of all we sincerely appreciate the thoughtful tenor of your comments. They are indeed a departure from some of our more hackneyed, predictable fare.

Additionally, you have consistently served the governor well in your current capacity as his Health and Human Services advisor, and we have always felt your calm, circumspect approach to discharging the responsibilities of that job was worthy of emulation.

We also appreciate your career advice for Sic Willie. In the event his acting career and current “fling” with Lindsay Lohan prove fruitless, you have certainly provided him with a wide range of future career options.

With respect to the substance of your comments, our post did not insinuate that Gov. Sanford curses “like a sailor” in the office. We were simply pointing out the fact that his statement insisting that he does not use curse words in his “private language” was false.

Gov. Sanford (who along with his staff reads FITSNews quite frequently, by the way) is just one of many state and national political figures we poke fun at on a daily basis. That’s what we do, and last time we checked we’ve never heard of any one of Bobby Harrell, Hugh Leatherman, Mitt Romney or John McCain’s people getting bent out of shape when we referred to their boss as a socialist, midget, dolphin and fogy, respectively.

Our primary objective is to make people laugh, and every once in awhile “call a spade a spade,” to borrow another of the governor’s untimely utterances.

Having said all that, the governor and his press office have a standing invitation to follow the example of numerous other politicians and politicos in pitching us stories, responding to our inquiries and generally making an effort to present the governor’s case in this little corner of the marketplace of ideas. In fact, we told the governor as much when he called Sic Willie two months ago following the publication of our competitive grants story.

In any event, we do appreciate the sincerity of your remarks, as well as your acknowledgement of Sic Willie’s skills and genuine concern for his well-being.


12. believeitnot - May 19, 2007

Now that, dear friends, is bulls@it.


13. stallmucker1950 - May 19, 2007

BIN does sound alot like Wesley Donahue, who has had problems himself, restraining order(s) etc.back in 2003 and 2004, so why does he want to muck sling at Will Folks? Can anybody answer that question?

14. A Friend - May 19, 2007

For what it’s worth, I’m a private citizen, living far away from Columbia, pursuing a private sector career, and wondering how on earth Mitt Romney is like a dolphin … oh, Flipper. I get it.

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