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Reserved For The Governor May 16, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, SC Politics.



FITSNews – May 16, 2007 – We’ll grant you this – the fact that a couple of State Senators got booted from a row of seats “reserved” for S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford at last night’s GOP Presidential debate probably isn’t newsworthy. Well, no more newsworthy than a tree falling in the woods, anyway. Of course, when the incident sparks a full scale meltdown between two branches of state government and eliminates any chance at forging a compromise on what some view as a critical reform bill, it becomes a little more than just ruffled feathers.

Last night’s episode of “Musical Chairs” reportedly got started when an aide to Sanford staffer Marisa Crawford allowed Senators Hugh Leatherman and Harvey Peeler, among others, to sit in a row of seats marked simply as “reserved.” Reserved for whom, though? Apparently, the governor’s office – which was initially given 20 seats at the debate but ended up requesting 40 seats to accomodate all of Sanford’s “friends” – got rather testy with the Senators, who were initially reluctant to give up seats that they assumed had been reserved for them. We can’t confirm this, but our guess is Sen. Leatherman was the most miffed because he’s like two feet tall and has a hard time seeing over people’s heads.

Fast-forward to this morning, when the Department of Transportation reform bill that Sanford has been repeatedly blasting the Senate on for weeks came up for debate. When Senate staff called the governor’s office to complain (and to hint not-so-subtly that any compromise on the bill was as good as dead), they were reportedly told that the previous evening’s seating indignity was not only an intentional slap in the face but (sarcastically speaking) “thanks to all your hard work on transportation reform.” Then the governor’s office reportedly hung up the phone on Senate staff.

To say tempers flared at this point is an understatement. A sign was even placed on the governor’s reserved seat in the back of the Senate Chamber this morning indicating that it was now “Reserved for the Majority Leader.”

Eventually, Sanford’s office apologized to the Senators individually for the whole episode, but now attention seems to be focused on who was so important that the two most powerful Republicans in the State Senate had to be brusquely removed from their seats?

It’s too early to determine what the fallout from the governor’s latest brou-ha-ha with the General Assembly will be – nor is it immediately clear whether the bad blood will have any impact on an already worthless Transportation reform bill that nobody outside of the S.C. State House seems to care one lick about.

What we do know is that if South Carolinians thought their elected leaders were actually governing this week (for a change) … think again.

Welcome to South Carolina, people. Feel free to find a seat wherever you like …



1. believeitnot - May 16, 2007

Here’s another little gem from our latest trip back to the future and it has us wondering if any loyal believeitnot.news readers have the current facts to go along. Let us hear from you!

From http://consultantville.blogspot.com/
June 10, 2006

“Did anyone see the lies that that Turd in the Echo Chamber (FAKES IN THE SOUND) is spreading about Greg Ryberg? But before you believe them may we remind you that FAKES IN THE SOUND is written by WILL FOLKS, who is a CONVICTED BEATER OF WOMEN, CONVICTED DRUNK DRIVER, INSULTER OF WOMEN, INSULTER OF LOCAL CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE and ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONSULTANT. It is the truth. WILL FOLKS is taking THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS under the table from MANY CAMPAIGNS WHO DO NOT WANT HIS NAME APPEARING ON THEIR CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE FORMS. This is ILLEGAL. Governor Sanford, Karen Floyd, Rick Quinn, Thomas Ravenel are all UNDER SUSPICION OF ILLEGALLY PAYING WILL FOLKS UNDER THE TABLE to ATTACK candidates.”

That post surprised us. We though weewillie’s drunk driving charge had been dropped. Rod S. Tompquinns, if you are still out there on the blogway please let us hear from you.

This certainly explains why Rod and T-Rav suddenly and so publicly hired this rumormonger. Remember what T-Rav said when asked about hiring Folks: “…in politics, you have to deal with some unsavory characters.”

Stay tuned to believeitnot.news for more breaking news about the weewillie and his slimy rumor mongering.

2. fitsnews - May 16, 2007

We gotta admit, B-I-N is kind of growing on us. Plus, we don’t have to sit around the office anymore and listen to Will Folks’ incessant bitching about how “nobody is talking about my checkered past anymore.”

B-I-N your dedication, consistency and pluck are admired, as is your commitment to feeding Sic Willie’s most basic need – attention.

Keep the cuts and pastes coming!


3. sic haters - May 16, 2007

nice reverse psycholligy will. although believeitnot does suck and your site is too pathetic to waste any time and money on you so do deserve your site getting infested with the vermin. hahahahaha “SIC(k) WEEWILLIE.” what does the WEE stand for? wait we know

4. jo mama - May 17, 2007

Did those legislative idiots not see the signs posted all over the lower level that said “reserved for legislature”. What a bunch of pompous asses.

Some Egos need to go. Did you ever see the ears on the little digger. My goodness, I think they were bigger than Tommy Thompson’s.

Oh my wife said his ears aren’t to big, he just hasn’t grown into them yet.

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