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In Case Anybody Forgot Who Won The Super Bowl May 14, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports, US Politics.

colts at white house


FITSNews – May 14, 2007 – Yeah, this post is probably a little bit gratuitous, but as long-suffering fans of the Indianapolis Colts for the past twenty years this can only be described as our Year of Jubilee.

Tom Brady can go ahead and impregnate all the supermodels he wants, but our long national nightmare is finally over. Just like Tom Cruise said before he went crazy, “Happy for us, happy for us.”

Incidentally, if there were any lingering doubts as to the Colts’ commitment to repeating their Super Bowl win in 2007, Peyton Manning recently agreed to restructure his contract, giving the team an additional $8 million under the salary cap for the coming season. Which translates into boo-yah, touchdowns and making more miracles happen.



1. Joe - May 14, 2007

Look how Peyton is out in front and presenting the jersey! Seriously, this is why I admire Brady. Tom Brady made 3 of these trips and he was never the center of attention. He stood back and watch his teammates like Brown and Bruschi get the glory shot with the Pres…I guess Tom knows he will keep going back to the Whitehouse for ceremonies while Peyton wanted to grab this attention this one and only time!

2. fitsnews - May 14, 2007


Yeah he just freed up $8 million under the salary cap for his teammates by agreeing to restructure his deal.

What an insensitive prick he must be!


P.S. – 38-34.

3. Give Me FITS - May 14, 2007


Man, you forgot the whole dustbunny/monsters-under-the-bed dualism. That is always my favorite part. The juxtaposition — kindly(maybe even fuzzy?) “bunnies” and evil “monsters” — is symbolic of the ongoing struggle we see played out on FITSNews everyday. Sort of like the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, except, of course, they are bunnies and monsters.

Also, don’t forget your catchy send-off: “debunking the world’s worst blog.” Stirring. Sort of like Dan Rather’s old “Courage” line.

Keep up the good work — or at least the cutting and pasting.


4. believeitnot - May 14, 2007

G-M-F, Thanks for letting us here at B-I-News know that our message is being sooo very effective. It’s encouragement from people like you and ellsbells and weewillie himself that helps us stay so focused on debunking this rumormonger and his worlds worst blog. And it’s high praise indeed from someone who so enjoys the slime and rumormongering of sic(k) willie. Right, will?

P.S. Remember that we are still waiting for your facts about the slimy rumor you started about someone with a “str@m problem.”

5. fitsnews - May 14, 2007

Careful there BI-news. There are some switch hitters out there who might get the wrong idea.


6. ellsbells - May 14, 2007


7. beliveitnot - May 14, 2007

That proves it. sexist, racist and a homophobe – as well as a bush league rumormonger. That’s why he’s called sic(k) willie. And so easy to bait.

When weewillie started calling us B I N we patiently waited for him to make some sad Bin Laden jokes. We prefer to stick with the believeitnot.news logo. It says it all.

But, let’s get back to the important stuff involving weewillie’s credibility. When are we going to learn more about your slimy rumor that a midlands elected official has a “str@m problem,” and when can we expect an update on your FOI request for the governor’s computer? When you get his computer can we get a copy of the governor’s iTunes library?

8. beliveitnot - May 14, 2007

By the way, weewillie, have you contacted the two midlands state Senators who have been associated here with your slimy rumor to see what they think of you and your blog?

The editorial staff here at believeitnot.news have sent them both an email asking for an exclusive interview. We want to ask then about your slimy rumor so they can deny it and so we can get their opinions on whether they consider you a reliable source of political news or just a driveby rumormonger.

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