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Meet Filemaker May 12, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.



FITSNews – May 12, 2007 – If you’ve ever had a meeting in S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford‘s office, chances are you’ve walked right past it.

Resting innocuously on a window ledge just feet away from the governor’s desk, you’d be tempted to think it was just another laptop computer – or perhaps a work station devoted to updating the governor’s public schedule or keeping track of his daily phone log.

But “Filemaker” is no ordinary laptop or workstation. That’s because within its thousands of entries lies the key to the Sanford kingdom – a network of big money campaign donors that South Carolina’s governor has used to raise over $15 million in his two successful bids for statewide office. And a database that may hold the key for his future aspirations on the national stage.

Filemaker – named after the computer program that has collected, stored and organized Sanford’s incoming campaign data since his 2002 campaign – would doubtless be the envy of any 2008 presidential candidate, a veritable treasure trove of names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, contributions and other personal data of some of the heaviest hitters not only in the Palmetto State, but also in Hollywood, on Wall Street and inside the Washington, D.C. beltway.

Of course that’s not all that Filemaker contains. Records of legislators, reporters, lobbyists, political activists and pretty much anybody who’s handed the governor or one of his staff members a business card over the last six and a half years are also stored inside, along with the governor’s personal notations from their meeting. Chances are if you’re involved in South Carolina politics even remotely, your name and information is in the governor’s Filemaker system.

Simply put, it’s a beast. A beast that likes being fed a steady diet of data.

In fact, anyone who’s ever witnessed one of Sanford’s senior staff meetings knows all too well the monotonous routine of the governor obsessively handing off business cards and scraps of paper with personal information to a staffer with the one-word command, “Filemaker.”

As in “enter the information.” Go feed the beast.

The only question is this: What is a monster database like Filemaker – one which has been employed on numerous occasions to prepare fundraising solicitation lists, personal Christmas Card lists for the Governor and First Lady, campaign mailing lists and various other non-governmental tasks – what is something so obviously campaign-related doing sitting smack dab in the middle of a taxpayer funded office at the State House? Presumably running on taxpayer funded power? And using taxpayer funded employees to enter and edit its information?

Actually that isn’t the only question. Dozens of other potential interrogatives come to mind, but most of them lead back to the same fundamental sticking point – if taxpayer resources were used to help assemble and maintain such a database, then shouldn’t any taxpayer be able to see the information? Especially from the office of a governor who has long maintained that “sunlight is the ultimate disinfectant in the political process?”

We’ll see …

This evening, FITSNews‘ founding editor Sic Willie sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the governor’s press office via e-mail seeking “both print and electronic copies of any Filemaker databases which have been accessed during normal business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) by employees of the State of South Carolina or that have been physically kept for any duration of time on the premises of the Governor’s Office in the South Carolina State House from January 15, 2003 to the present date.”

Although Gov. Sanford’s office has a policy of not responding to media requests made by bloggers, state law requires that FOIA requests (even those made by “ordinary” citizens) be answered within fifteen (15) days.

So set your egg-timers … we look forward to publishing the governor’s response to Sic Willie’s “Filemaker FOIA” here on FITSNews in a little over two weeks time.



1. believeitnot - May 13, 2007

There he goes again! This time with a naive understanding of the feeble FOI law in SC. The only outcome to this will be sic(k) willie looking like a bad mannered fool, again. No way that laptop, even if it does exist, will come before the public.

Chances are it only exists in the purple haze of willie’s mind. Remember that willie was fired by the governor years ago.

If it does exist this latest rant just goes to prove something we all have known for years. sic(k) willie can’t be trusted. And you wonder why no honest responsible people hire him.

Actually, this looks like just another one of sic(k) willie’s slimy publicity stunts – like the one where he claimed a midlands elected official has a “str@m problem.” After committing that piece of drive by rumormongering he suddenly went silent when we, here at the worldwide headquarters of believeitnot.news, started demanding accountability from him.

It’s sad to see willie holding so much hate for his former boss. All that tension must be bad. Maybe willie needs to see a good doctor – or an aroma therapist. We here at believeitnot.news would be happy to find him a good proctologist. Maybe all he needs is to lay off of the coffee enemas. Or switch to decaf.

Thanks again for the tremendous support for what we are doing here at believeitnot.news.

2. sic haters - May 13, 2007

are u kidding??? he derives sick sadistic pleasure from screwing sanford with hid pants on, the one thing sic willie is useful in doing.

3. believeitnot - May 13, 2007

sic haters, you make an interesting point. We at the worldwide headquarters of believeitnot.news are not fans of the governor either. He promised so much but has only delivered pig poop.

But sic(k) will is such a frustrated and childish amateur that he keeps making bush league mistakes. The stupid corvette incident. The bone headed comments about a woman’s group. Threats against upstate officials. His conviction for criminal domestic violence. No wonder the governor fired him.

Did I forget anything recent? Ohh, yea. His recent slimy rumor that a midland’s elected official has a “str@m problem.” And now his FOI request for information off of the governor’s laptop. He’d have more luck getting Tinkerbell’s autograph.

And don’t forget his tendency to claim credit for news stories that have been common knowledge to so many for so long. Add to that the anonymous sources and elected officials who tell their inner secrets but whose names he can’t reveal.

The files here at believeitnot.news are full of sic(k) willie’s slimy and stupid antics. But as we said at the beginning of this very informative post, you make an interesting point.

4. jake - May 13, 2007

BIN and SH you guys really rock. Keep UP THE GOOD WORK and keep the heat on sic willie. He deserves it. And happy mother’s day to you Will. You really are one.

5. roofus - May 13, 2007

Now, now, let’s frost the fiery rhetoric a bit… Perhaps we’ve all misconstrued Sic Willie’s words regarding the “Strom” problem. Maybe we’ve walked into a trap…Truth be told, the late, great senator was a complex man who served the state and nation with honor and dedication. Such a colossus encountered many struggles throughout his illustrious career. Might Sic Willie be referring opaquely to more mundane “problems” the great leader may have faced and not the more sensational as some would insinuate?

6. jake - May 13, 2007

not a chance. will is not really very smart. take it on face value.

7. Lady's Island - May 13, 2007

BIN missed one of Will’s other recent screw ups. NOt lng ago Will wrote on his blog about “thousands” that he claimed attended a school choice voucher rally at the State House.

For those who missed it that seemed like an impressive number. It turned out to be a great big lie.

You see Will never expected Brad Warthen to take a picture of the “crowd” from a nearby rooftop. At most mabe a few hundreds were there but certainly no where near “thousands” as Will claimed.

And it turned out that many of them were from a private school who someone convinced to take the entire student body to the State House that day.

The huge crowd was all a lie. Another lie by Sic Willie. You can’t trust the guy at all. I know.


8. fitsnews - May 13, 2007

Will Folks is a bright, decent and loving man. Wait … we’re supposed to be pathological liars, right?


9. believeitnot - May 13, 2007

sic(k) willie’s humor and attention to detail are getting rather weak. Lady never used the word “pathological.” The editorial staff here at believeitnot.news feels that “plain” or “old fashioned” work better than pathological.. .

10. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 14, 2007


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