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South Carolina Is Stupid, Non-Competitive May 11, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff, SC Politics.

car stereo


FITSNews – May 11, 2007 – You would think that when a brand new Acura MDX rolls up to the electronics store sporting “Don’t Tussle With My Jack Russell,” “Proud Parent Of A Meadowfield Honor Roll Student,” and “Lights Out! Sea Turtles Dig The Dark” bumper stickers that people would immediately recognize its passengers were serious people who meant business. And that they shouldn’t try the “Ladies, it looks like you’re gonna need a new Bose adaptor” trick. Which is like the oldest trick in the book.

Unfortunately, the FITS girls ran headlong into South Carolina’s stupidity and non-competitiveness after our brand new Arcade Fire CD got stuck in the brand new CD player of our brand new SUV.

Upon arriving at the store (with our intimidating bumper stickers in full view), we were told that the technician specializing in such repairs had “moved to Canada,” which ironically is where the band Arcade Fire come from. Go figure. Anyway, after agreeing with us that South Carolina’s business climate is in desperate need of retooling to prevent such untimely migrations of intellectual capital, the store’s owner agreed to crack open the sound system and take a look. Turns out someone had set three tiny fires inside our stereo and had we not extracted it when we did and extinguished the fires with Route 44 Cherry Limeade, the whole car would have blown up. So … whoever you are, you pyromaniacal assassins, consider your not-so-clever plan foiled.



1. believeitnot - May 11, 2007

When sic(k) willie is not busy making up slimy rumors his GBB must slip into neutral. That’s the only thing that could explain his most recent simple minded posts. Geeezz. What a waste.

With no clients, no advertisers and no credibility left it seems that sic(k) willie should have plenty of time to be more creative.

So, willie, when will we learn more from you about the slimy rumor you were spreading about a midlands elected official you claim has a “str@m problem.” Willie this is about your credibility- if you have any left. If you spread slime be prepared to wear slime.

2. yep - May 11, 2007


3. fitsnews - May 11, 2007

We actually kind of like being slimed. Ghostbustin’ makes us feel good.


4. believeitnot - May 11, 2007

ghostbustin’ – rumormongering – gossipmongering

They all have the same ring to them. Unlike a child who knows no better, you understand what you are doing. A child can be excused. You are old enough to know better and need to be accountable.

Come on and tell us the details you promised on your rumor that a midlands elected official has a “str@m problem” – salvage your credibility if you can. Why so silent on the issue?

5. believeitnot - May 11, 2007

By the way, that is a really odd collection of bumper stickers you claim to have on such a new car. We realize the vehicle and the fits girls are nothing more than another of your rumors.

But, maybe the Jack Russell is real and maybe it’s the one with the “str@m problem.” And maybe that “problem” goes to Meadowfield school? Maybe we’re finally getting to the bottom of your slimy rumor.

All we need now is to understand where the sea turtles fit in. Maybe you’re even more kinky than we ever expected.

Someone send me an anonymous email to verify the facts.

6. Billy D-W - May 12, 2007

Hey, it’s “Bustin’ makes me feel good,”..not “Ghostbustin’ makes us feel good.” You white kids are so funny. Plus, you gotta put a little umphh in the “feel.” If you can’t get funky enough, just try it with a little Colt ’45…works every time.

And don’t get me started about the whole Strom Problem thing…

7. stallmucker1 - May 14, 2007

gosh believeit can you not handle journalism from a very talented young man – I am tired of seeing you Bustin on Sic Willie all the time – get a life please.

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