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Say It Ain’t So, Princess May 11, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

lindsay make out


FITSNews – May 11, 2007 – When it comes to celebrating Confederate Memorial Day (which was yesterday in S.C., in case you forgot), we really couldn’t think of a more appropriate tribute to the “heritage” movement than flipping through a stack of celebrity gossip magazines looking for the latest buzz from the world of rich white trashiness. Which incidentally is where Lindsay Lohan is likely to be found. Or where Lindsay’s cleavage is likely to be found, anyway.

Imagine our horror, though, when midway through our first stack of mags we stumbled upon a picture (above) of Lindsay making out with a dude that looks a heck of a lot like our very own Sic Willie.

Apparently, all the recent negative comments on FITSNews concerning his political career (or lack thereof) encouraged our founding editor to skip town last week to pursue an “acting” career in sunny California. Sources tell us that the moment his audition tape started making the rounds, Miss Lohan immediately scheduled a “meeting” with South Carolina’s resident bad boy at a local club. The rest is photojournalistic history. Say it ain’t so, princess … you really did just make us throw up in our mouths a little.



1. yep - May 11, 2007

Now let’s not kid ourselves Will. You don’t look anything like this guy,unless you’re talking about the dork texting someone in the background.

2. ellsbells - May 11, 2007

Really Will? Just because he’s bald doesn’t mean y’all look similar.

I can think of some bald things you look a lot more like..

3. Give Me FITS - May 11, 2007

Umm, isn’t the dork in the background (texting) a chick? I mean, I’m not real sure what Will looks like these days, but if he looks like a girl…well, then I feel bad for the girl.

Or is he just painting his nails?

Wonder how long it will take B-I-N to check in. He may be distracted by the photo for quite some time.

Wait for it…..

4. AB - May 11, 2007

Give Me FITS, fuh-ny!! I actually only read now to giggle at the rant B-I-N manages to type out several times a day.

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