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Mo Money, Mo Problems May 11, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

mo money


FITSNews – May 11, 2007 – Just as we predicted in our post on Tuesday, the S.C. Board of Economic Advisors announced Wednesday that Palmetto State legislators have millions of new dollars to play with in crafting the final version of the 2007-08 state budget. Hmmmm. How timely. Right as the budget is going to conference committee, a.k.a. the last chance to load it up with new pork.

In case you were wondering how we knew this was going to happen, we asked our Magic 8-Ball and it told us “It Is Decidedly So.” Just to be sure, we also asked it if Sic Willie was the sexiest human ever and it told us the same thing.

Anyway, let’s just hope South Carolina does a better job managing its $1.5 billion budget surplus than the State of Montana, which basically imploded last week when its legislators couldn’t figure out what to do with a $1 billion surplus. Which reminds us, shame on the Montana press corps for failing to incorporate Biggie’s hit “Mo Money, Mo Problems” into their coverage of Montana’s budget meltdown. If any black people actually lived in Montana, they’d probably be furious right now.



1. believeitnot - May 12, 2007

There he goes again! Claiming to have predicted something that so many have known for so long. SC revenue is up! What a news scoop. Not!

sic(k) willie is a legend in his own mind. And more than a little racist too judging by some of his comments along the blogway.

The worst part of this post is the pathetic “sexiest man alive” joke. It’s weaker than his resume! Being fired by the governor takes some of the shine off of his resume when readers get to the part about his “has been” status as spokesperson.

But we need to stay on track here.

We here at believeitnot.news are still impatiently waiting for sic(k) willie to provide the details he promised on the slimy rumor he started claiming a midlands elected official has a “str@m problem.” This is all about credibility will. Either you have it or not. Drive by rumormongering is slimy.

Personal note to will: Hope to see you at the race! Are you in the infield this year?

Debunking the worlds worst blog. One post at a time.

2. G.L. - May 12, 2007

To be honest I’m tired of reading your shit on every post. If you hate the blog or its writers that much, don’t read it.

3. fitsnews - May 12, 2007


We share the sentiment but we can’t have an increase in South Carolina’s unemployment rate on our conscience and obviously commenting on our little blog has turned into B-I-N’s full-time occupation.

Besides, Sic Willie has ordered us to allow the comments seeing as he’s convinced it’s Reese Witherspoon expressing her displeasure over his Rachel McAdams fixation.


4. ellsbells - May 13, 2007

That’s funny Will. I’ll give you that.

Kinda funny too that while believeitnot thinks you a narcissist.. they seem pretty concentrated on themselves all the while.

5. Ducky - May 13, 2007

I wish someone would pay me to rant on a damn blog all day long. BIN, please let me know if there are anymore openings overthere in Stalkerville.

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