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Powerful State Senator Steps Up For School Choice May 10, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.



FITSNews – May 10, 2007 – Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell has rejected efforts by two of his most influential colleagues to prevent a broader school choice amendment from coming to a vote in the S.C. Senate, sources tell FITSNews. Longtime school choice opponents Hugh Leatherman and John Courson, both Republicans, are rumored to have gone to McConnell this week in an effort to keep the issue from coming to a roll call vote on the floor of the Senate. Their rationale? Neither Senator wants to be forced “on the record” opposing real school choice.

“I’m not sure that’s exactly what happened,” McConnell aide John Hazzard told FITSNews. “But I’m not saying it didn’t happen, either. Senator McConnell has made it clear to everyone involved that this is an issue the Senate needs to take action on.”

So why is this news? Well, the knock on McConnell has always been that he gives certain issues his full-throated support in public only to turn around and work behind closed doors to see that they are ultimately defeated. If these reports concerning his meeting with Senators Leatherman and Courson are true, it would certainly appear that the state’s most powerful Senator is now working in support of broader school choice legislation behind closed doors, too. The State Senate takes up the issue next week (May 15-17), so stay tuned to FITSNews for all the fireworks …



1. Give Me FITS - May 10, 2007

BelieveItNot, let me save you the time so you can get back to work….

blah,blah, blah, Strom Problem, blah, blah blah….

There. Now that that is out the way, maybe we can move on to the topic at hand

2. ellebells - May 10, 2007

Amen, Give me FITS.

3. believeitnot - May 10, 2007

The tide rises! The demand grows! Thanks for everyones’ support!

sic(k) willie has no credibility and everyone knows it. It really is great to see so many others join in the demand that he back up his slimy rumors with facts. He needs to either admit he is a rumormonger or prove his allegations that some unnamed midlands elected official has a “Strom” problem! This blog is more like drive by rumormongering than drive by journalism.

Now he has attacked The Boss and The General. If he keeps this up he’s going to find out exactly how powerful them boys are.

4. Give Me FITS - May 10, 2007

Wow…does Romney know this is how his people spend their time around here?

Yeah, we got it…a Strom Problem…etc. etc.

So is this Hazard dude a real person or a monster living under Will’s bed? That could be important.

5. believeitnot - May 10, 2007

John Hazzard is real. He used to work for Glenn, but now he’s a fry cook at 82 Queen. Here’s a link to a photo of him when he was in culinary school. John’s the one in the white hat about half way down the page.


They’re close buddies from the days before sic(k) willie was fired by the governor. Maybe John can get willie a job at 82 Queen clearing tables. No, sorry. 82 Queen does criminal history checks of all applicants.

John, when you read this be sure to call sic(k) willie and thank him for mentioning you as a reliable source on his blog.

He really helped your credibility with this gem: “I’m not sure that’s exactly what happened,” McConnell aide John Hazzard told FITSNews. “But I’m not saying it didn’t happen, either.”

That’s what we love about fitsnews: sic(k) willie’s sources are either anonymous or they don’t have a clue.

6. believeitnot - May 10, 2007

And remember, enquiring minds still demand sic(k) willie make good on his promise to deliver the facts about his claim that a midlands elected politician has a “Strom” problem. Blah, blah, blah.

By the way, sic(k) willie crafted the disrespectful reference to this issue referring to an honorable and respected gentlemen. willie has no concept of honor or respect, so this tacky reference is typical.

As we continue our demand for accountability from sic(k) willie we will, in the future, refer to his rumor as a “str@m problem.”

Debunking the world’s worst blog.

7. Give Me FITS - May 10, 2007

Is it just me, or am I the only one who 1) originally didn’t care that much about the alleged Strom thing, but 2) now really hopes it turns out to be true just so that believeitnot can go back to work?

Quick, Will, more boobies…preferably painted metallic, as my guess is that B-I-N is easily distracted by shiny objects and random motions.

8. tammy - May 10, 2007

i’m with you Give me…Who cares? Is there anyone here that would REALLY be surprised to learn that one, if not many SC legislators actually had a “Strom problem”?

9. stallmucker1 - May 10, 2007

I am with Tammy – Who cares and Who would be surprised if there was another Strom thing with a me,ber of the General Assembly – Keep on writing Will and giving those clowns with Romney a FITS!!!!

10. believeitnot - May 11, 2007

Geezzz, sic(k) willie suddenly has a fan club. Not really. It’s telling that they popped up so suddenly to defend his gossipmongering only after some of us have proven persistent in holding him accountable for his slimy rumors.

Rumors that are from anonymous sources and unnamed legislators who won’t give him the time of day since he was fired by the governor. The best source we have seen here was a fry cook who said “I’m not sure that’s exactly what happened, but I’m not saying it didn’t happen, either.”

Actually, it is clear that sic(k) willie has been busy posting to his own blog again. Puffing up the old hit count again, willie!

But, in response to sic(k) willie’s last 3 comments, everyone should care about slimy rumors. Rumormongers are a blight.

willie, you promised more details about the rumor you spread that a midlands elected official has a “str@m problem.” What little credibility you have left is at stake. If we can’t believe you on this, we can’t believe anything you say.

Debunking the worlds worst blog.

11. Tammy Fae - May 11, 2007

I agree with beliveit. If we can not belive fits and count on him to deliver the details in this other elected person then we can not believe anything he says.

12. Robert - May 11, 2007

Keep up the good work B I N. You are exactly right.

13. Robbie - May 11, 2007

I agree with Tammy. If we cannot trust fits on this we can’t trust fits on anything. keep up the great work believeitnot. You are going God’s work!

14. First Time - May 11, 2007

I just discovered this site and I think Robbie and Tammy Fae are exactly right. beliveitnot is right on the money and needs to keep up the pressure so we can learn the truth about this.

15. Believe It Rocks - May 11, 2007

I just discovered this site and I think Robbie and Tammy Fae are correct. beliveitnot is right on the money and needs to keep up the pressure so we can learn the truth about this.

16. Give me an amen - May 11, 2007

Amen to Rocks, Robbie and T.F. you guys are exactly right to agree with believeitnot. He is so right. It is time to hold this garden slug accountable for his rotten rumors.

17. believeitnot - May 11, 2007

Thanks to Amen, T.F., Robbie and Rocks,

Your support really means a lot. You guys are great! 🙂 Together we can hold this GBB accountable for his rumormongering. Send him an email and call him at this office. He has nothing else to do. Demand the facts on his slimy rumor that an elected midlands official has a “str@m problem.”

He has tried to spread it other places and only seems to have shut up and become sensitive about it since we started to demand accountability.

Debunking the worlds worst blog.

18. *jcg - May 11, 2007

this is ridiculous.

19. Earl - May 11, 2007

What is a “Strom problem”? A child from an interracial relationship?

Well, if that’s the case, then sign me up. My first wife was of African descent, and our daughter lives with me, so I ain’t exactly hiding it.

What is the big freakin’ deal? Whoever it may be – if it is anyone at all – does anyone care who someone has children with?

Oh, I’m sorry, I’m not holding office (nor do I ever intend to, with all the crap one has to go through), so I guess who I shared my genes with is not fit for a headline … or for FITS.

20. Ducky - May 11, 2007

I think all of these people commenting are believeitnot. Good grief, it is a blog not the New York TImes. Just drop it already, if I had a dollar for every elected official in the US who may have had a “Strom” problem I would be a rich Duck. No one really cares, except for believeitnot and any other names that he/she comments under.

21. ellebells - May 11, 2007

It’s funny that believeitnot thinks that Will doesn’t get attention from legislators since his term at the governor’s office ended.

They really should check out who has been paying fits lately. While one legislator stalks him, another is cutting him a check.

Honestly.. I’d like to start seeing believeitnot’s sources.

I mean, let’s turn the tables. WHO is paying YOU?

22. Give Me FITS - May 11, 2007

Hold the phone…I thought a Strom Problem involved marrying women half (one-third?) your age…which, from my perspective, seems like it would take too much work (remember, this was before Viagra), too much time, and WAY too much money. To me people, THAT is a problem.

God Bless Strom, I say. I couldn’t keep up. Maybe they should add that one to his memorial….

Now, what is everybody else talking about?

23. Just the facts - May 11, 2007

One third or less is the truth. See if you get a copy of Strom’s birth certificate from Edgefield you will find out that he was actually 3 years older than stated on his monument, and I assume grave. Upon reflection though I do believe he gained that 3 years when he married Nancy or better it would make sense if he did. Why?Simple, much like pricing strategy as it sure sounds better if someone 67 is marrying a 21 year old than it does for a 70 year old to marry one. But, screw it, I would, and if you are male you would too more than likely. So, in effect Strom ends up smarter than Clinton but lesser than Jefferson as it took Jefferson 200 years to get caugh, Strom was gone, and Clinton still here and with a moped, oh I mean fat chick.

I think we should have some fun and pick Romney another first lady before he gets to DC, that way, no fat chicks.

Hey Reino, what is your view on the subject? Enquirer minds want to see.

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