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Mr. Stay Puft Contemplates ’08 Bid? May 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, The Press.

mr stay puft


FITSNews – May 9, 2007 – It’s funny to watch the press at work. They’re like little carpenter ants, in that they possess an obligate bacterial endosymbiont known as Blochmannia. And they bite. Actually, we made that whole biting part up. What we meant was they’re like carpenter ants in that they’re always really, really busy. We don’t even know what Blochmannia is.

Take today, for example. Thanks to the press, we learned that John Edwards is running TV ads in Iowa, Mitt Romney raised a boatload of money in Greenwich, there’s a dead heat for blog love between John McCain and Barack Obama, somebody who really hates Hillary Clinton says she’s lying about her childhood, Dennis Kucinich wants Medicaid to pay for more kids to go to the dentist and nobody seems to know exactly where Rudy Giuliani stands in the polls. Hold up … who the hell is Dennis Kucinich?

Jeez. Every day, thousands of articles – and the presidential election is still 18 months away. Which makes us wonder, with so much presidential coverage so early, why has no one asked the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man if he’s running for president or not? And if the answer is ‘yes,’ is he running as a Republican or a Democrat? And more importantly, would Mr. Stay Puft even fit on a debate stage? And were he to fit, would he talk? And were he to talk, what would he say? In the immortal words of C+C Music Factory, definitely “Things That Make You Go Hmmm.”



1. American Candidate - May 9, 2007

No comment from Beleiveitornot?
Aren’t you going to point out that Folks is simply continuing to make up lies that Mr. Stay Puff (Independent by the way) is running for President?

2. believeitnot - May 9, 2007

Sic(k) willie needs to make good on the slimy rumor he started that a midlands elected official has a “Strom” problem.

He has no credibility after being fired by the governor and by schotline.com. His conviction for CDV put him over the top. If he had any credibility left it evaporated with the slimy rumors and mudslinging attacks he makes against people he does not like or agree with. He even tries to take credit for “breaking” news on things that have been common knowledge for years.

His next news “scoop” will be that the Marshmallow Man has a “Strom” problem. Nothing here but rumors and gossip.

3. tammy - May 9, 2007

funny…for a person with NO credibility he’s obviously got your panties in a wad…must be doing something right.

4. John Steinberger - May 10, 2007

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