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Massachusetts Loves Stem Cells May 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

spaceballs monster


FITSNews – May 9, 2007 – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick wants his state to spend $1 billion over the next ten years on a massive biotech expansion that would include a so-called “secret weapon” – a stem cell research bank that would be shared by the state’s research universities. First of all memo to Gov. Patrick – it’s not a secret weapon if you tell us what it is. Weapon? Yes. Secret? Not so much. Anyway, from the Boston Herald story:

“This is an important time for the life sciences all over the world,” said Patrick, noting that many states and countries have representatives at the convention trying to woo biotech business to their regions.

With all due respect to the governor, when we think of stem cells all we can think about is that crazy monster at the end of Spaceballs that jumps out of that guy’s chest, hops on the bar and starts singing “If You Refuse Me, Honey You Lose Me.” You know, right before Lonestar and Barf decide to order the special. Or was it the soup? Either way you can call us old-fashioned, but we’re about as keen on stem cell research as John Edwards is on a $12 haircut.



1. believeitnot - May 9, 2007

Wow! More breaking news from fitsnews. And the point is…?

We can only hope that stem cell research progresses fast enough to help sic(k) willie with the crazy monsters under his bed. Stem cells may someday be able to cure gumball brain syndrome.

Now, tell us again about your claim that a midlands elected official has a “Strom” problem. Enquiring minds want to know. This is all about credibility. Do you have any left? Seems not.

2. Newspaper Hack - May 9, 2007

I heard that Jake Knotts’ family cried about that Strom post. Of course, a drunk Republican was talking, so it’s probably bullshit.

3. believeitnot - May 9, 2007

There he goes again. Sic(k) willie is posting to his own blog to try and give this pathetic slimy rumor some legs. Make up your mind who your target is and get on with proving it. Otherwise you are just a petty gossipmonger.

And, if you keep targeting The Boss you can expect that what little hope you have left for a successful career in the midlands will disappear faster than one of your empty beer cans floating down the Saluda River.

4. Newspaper Hack - May 9, 2007

Oh, God – that’s brilliant. Though I graduated from USC, I live in Virginia, and therefore could not possibly operate this blog. All my SC political gossip comes from blogs like this one and my friends in Columbia.

My knowledge comes from other reporters in Columbia, and general degenerates that hang around where politicos get soused in the capital city.

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