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The Cute Socialist Lost? May 7, 2007

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sergolene royal


FITSNews – May 7, 2007 – It’s too bad Segolene Royal lost the French Presidential election because she had a really cute nose-wiggle, great taste in shoes and a positively amazing wardrobe. And yet Royal – the woman the French edition of FHM recently rated the sixth sexiest woman alive – somehow still got beat. Which actually isn’t terrible news considering the fact that, well, she’s a socialist. In fact it’s good news, although we will miss reading of Royal’s fashionista exploits however:

The navy-and-cream striped dress and cropped-sleeve jacket that she wore to address a conference in Paris last November may have looked like Chanel but they were classic Ka: perfectly proportioned and typical of Royal’s understated, elegant style. (Note: her skirts always stop at the knee, never at a frumpy mid-calf length.)

Note to Hill: Frumpy = Bad. Oh, and Socialist = Bad, too.



1. believeitnot - May 7, 2007

Come on will. Either produce facts about the midlands elected official you claim has a “Strom” problem or admit you are nothing but a gossipmonger. You seem to want people to consider you to be a reliable news source. Either produce facts to support your claim or admit you made it up.

2. Wook Out, Weswie - May 7, 2007

Jeez, Weswie, give it a break. We get your point. But remember, FITS was right about DHEC, and it took 3 months for that to play out. Much more of this and we will start to wonder who has the bigger monsters under his bed.

You are ruining a perfectly entertaining, and sometimes accurate, blog…but I guess that is the idea.

3. believeitnot - May 7, 2007

Will? You were right about DHEC? Like your scoop on pork spending! Next week fitsnews will break the story that there are problems with DOT!

We even heard he got an anonymous email (that he won’t print) from a Legislator last week telling him that minibottles are on the way out and there are people who do not want the Confederate Flag at the State House.

This is about credibility versus gossipmongering. All we see here is gossip, sexist cr@p and pent up anger over being fired by the governor.

Geezzzz, “sometimes accurate” – talk about damning with faint praise…sheesh! How would airlines manage if their landings were “sometime accurate” ???

4. Don Johnson - May 7, 2007

We’ve totally lost focus here. A SOCIALIST LOST in FRANCE.

Hope you are all right with God. The end is nigh! Was there actually a French presidential candidate talking about BETTER relations with the United States?

Next comes the plague of locusts, I guess.

5. believeitnot - May 7, 2007

So “Don” turns to fitsnews to learn about the elections in France? Does he always come here for reliable news and information about international events? Geeeezzz, get real. This looks more like willie puffing up his blog by posting his own (sym)pathetic comments using still another religious reference.

So how about those dust bunnies? How are they holding out against the monsters under your bed?

6. crunk - May 7, 2007

yea what about the elected official you said has a strom problem? that’s starting to sound like a bogus rumor.

7. E - May 8, 2007

So few cute socialists

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