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Bombs Away May 5, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.

bombs away


FITSNews – May 5, 2007 – How do we FITS girls like to spend our weekend vacations at the beach? Well, we do the usual sunbathing, outlet shopping, seafood eating and the like, but when the “beach” happens to be in a war zone halfway around the world, why not take the time to explore America’s military assets in the region as well?

Mmmmmm … assets …

You know America really needs to rethink its recruitment strategy in the War on Terror(ism). Forget the whole “The Few, The Proud,” and “Army of One” crap. What they need to do is put this girl on poster that says “Cum to Iraq” and see what that does to the numbers.



1. believeitnot - May 6, 2007

Some thought his conviction for criminal domestic violence would have improved sic(k) willie’s attitude towards women. Obviously it did not. If he had published this sexist cr@p while working for the governor he would have been taken to the woodshed and then fired. As it turned out the governor fired him for other reasons.

So, the question remains. Is sic(k) willie a responsible news source? If so we look forward to him proving his claim that a midlands elected official has a “Strom” problem. Or is sic(k) willie just another rumormonger?

You be the judge. Visit his new web site to vote: http://www.idontbelievefitsnews.com. So far:

Responsible News Source: 0
Rumormonger: 35,365

Check back later this week when FITS news reports on the monsters under his bed eating all of his dusts bunnies.

2. Anonymous - May 6, 2007

Really low class, Will.

3. E - May 6, 2007

As I told you earlier today, you should tell your mother what you just said. Will, considering that there are men and women giving their lives every day in Iraq, you should show more respect. Clearly you lack respect for yourself, but at least try to show a little for the troops.

4. believeitnot - May 7, 2007

Thanks for joining the outrage folks. This rumormongering little butterball has no class and fortunately no one really takes him seriously anymore. He makes up stories (ie. midlands elected official with a “Strom” problem) and posts anonymous replies to himself to suggest he has a large and loyal readership. He tells us about anonymous emails, whisperings from unnamed elected officials and claims credit for breaking a story on pork barrel cr@p that has been common knowledge for years. Next thing you know he will be selling the voucher scam here. SCRG may be the only paying customer he has left, and given their last defeat their money may even have dried up for a while.

5. fitsnews - May 7, 2007



6. fitsnews - May 7, 2007

“Rumormongering little butterball” is awesome, though.


7. Anonymous - May 7, 2007

Tasteless. Really.

You really have been sinking to some new depths lately. And ruining people’s lives in the meantime. Even if they’re just little people to you.. they’re people.

8. fitsnews - May 7, 2007


Actually, we haven’t thought about what constitutes the current definition for “little people.”

Let’s say anybody under 5′ for boys, 4’6″ for girls, what do you think?


9. Somebody - May 8, 2007

You suck, Will.

10. Jim Assman - May 10, 2007

nice rack!

11. The Gay Love Bomb « FITSNews For Now - June 14, 2007

[…] story for the past two days, but were a little gun-shy given all the flak we took the last time we wrote about bombs. Anyway, according to information obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests, the U.S. […]

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