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Flirtin’ With Disaster May 3, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.



FITSNews – May 3, 2007 – You know if Brad Pitt was our man, we would never get caught booty grinding up on any other dude. Well maybe a little bit on Snagglepuss but he’s a cartoon lion so that really doesn’t count. At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves every time we do it. Anyway, for reasons surpassing understanding, Angelina Jolie got caught giving some Mexican guy a suggestive dance the other night.

We don’t know what was going through the head of our hombre Martinez (we call all Mexican people “Martinez,” by the way – it’s just easier that way) but there is a good chance that Tyler Durden is going to beat the ever living green card crap out of him as a result of this thing.

That’s because Tyler Durden senses when the booty of his woman is inappropriately grinding anywhere in the vicinity of the Beta Male’s inferior libido. And having sensed, Tyler seeks. And having sought, Tyler finds. And having found, Tyler destroys. Run, Martinez. Right now he’s probably putting some Molly Hatchet on and preparing the El Camino for travel.



1. believeitnot - May 3, 2007

At lease sic(k) willie is honest about being bored so often. It’s a direct result of having no clients, no advertisers and too much time on his hands. Tune in to fitsnews often for the latest made up rumors and mindless gossip.

Watch for his next news flash when he tells us about receiving an anonymous email that he can’t publish because it’s from an unnamed Legislator who thinks he may have seen a certain local elected official at a certain unnamed place in the Congaree Vista having drinks with a certain someone who we all know is related to a Democrat, and they may have been talking about another certain unnamed elected official who knows all of the details about the person with the ‘Strom” problem. Or, they may have been talking about the monsters under sic(k) willie’s bed.

2. RINO Buster - May 4, 2007

You don’t say???

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