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Feudal Intrigues Rife In S.C. Legislature May 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

medieval times


FITSNews – May 2, 2007 – We knew living in South Carolina was not much different from living in the Dark Ages, but the level of feudal infighting has reached a fever pitch in the S.C. General Assembly this year. We know for a fact that a former top staffer to Republican Gov. Mark Sanford has been involved in a clandestine “plumbing” operation targeting a number of Republican State Senators, but now it appears unknown attackers are using the cover of Sanford’s plumbers to launch a series of covert intrigues against members of the S.C. House of Representatives.

Late Sunday, for example, we received an anonymous e-mail here at FITSNews attacking a sitting State Representative. What was interesting about the e-mail was not necessarily its contents (which we are not publishing), but rather the care its sender took to lay some of the blame for those contents at the feet of the governor.

“While the information that I am willing to share with you may be unconnected to this particular investigation, it is certainly possible that it is the result of Gov. Sanford’s fact-finding mission,” the e-mail’s anonymous author wrote.

So just who exactly are the governor’s targets? And how will we know which scandals are the result of Sanford’s “plumbers” as opposed to your everyday legislative score-settling?

In the Senate, that’s easy enough. We know already that Senators John Hawkins, Jake Knotts, Hugh Leatherman and Luke Rankin are on the governor’s “hit list,” as was Sen. Bill Mescher prior to his death last month.

In the House, we’ve heard reports that a target list exists including the names of eight representatives, but thusfar no source has been able to identify who the representatives are.

Speaker Bobby Harrell and Ways & Means Chairman Dan Cooper appear to be the governor’s top two targets, but Rep. Catherine Ceips (who yesterday advanced into a runoff election for a State Senate seat) is also reportedly on the list, as is House Majority Leader Jimmy Merrill.

“This puts Sanford in a difficult spot,” said one State Representative who spoke with FITSNews on the condition of anonymity. “Any member of either chamber could be attacked now and the fingers would point to him. It’s a wide open opportunity for legislators to settle old scores and pin the blame back on the governor.”

Up to this point, Sanford has run one radio ad chastising the State Senate for its budgetary practices, but the ad did not single out legislators by name.



1. statesman - May 2, 2007

Well, it looks like once the Governor fails at this less than noble endeavor and makes more enemies in the GA he will have to result to desperate tactics, diplomacy and census-building. Oh my gosh that requires real leadership.

Wonder if the Governor has looked at the SC unemployment numbers lately? What ever happened to all that economic development he promised? Campbell did it with less reform.

2. believeitnot - May 2, 2007

Let’s examine sic(k) willie’s credibility. Fired by the Governor. Convicted of Criminal Domestic Violence. Fired by schotline.com after a rancid personal attack on a political candidate. Known front man wannabe for the SCRG voucher scam which is known to twist the truth (the word twist is very generous).

Deep breath. Known to create anonymous blogs to sling mud and slime at anyone who dares to disagreed with him or anyone he is paid to sling mud at. Visit one of his other slimy sites at http://www.idontbelievethestate.com because he needs the traffic.

Now, he “knows for a fact” that some politicians are sneaky and will stab anyone in the back to advance their agenda. They try to dig up dirt on each other! What a shock! Whew, like we need some washed up political has been to tell us that?

And, he talks about “unknown attackers” and an “anonymous email” that he will not publish. Perhaps he has monsters under his bed. There’s more to this “scoop.” He reports there is a “hit list,” but no one knows who’s on it. Then to lock in the facts he quotes an elected official who only spoke “on the condition of anonymity.”

Maybe the monsters are in his head and not under his bed.

We did find one fact that we can believe in this article: Sandord is still Governor. It’s also very clear that sic(k) willie has a very clever imagination, and he’s full of himself.

3. believeitnot - May 2, 2007

We are still waiting for the punch line to his allegation that a local elected official in the midlands area had a “Strom” problem. What a scoop that was. It sure added to sic(k) willie’s credibility. The monsters in his head must be getting bigger and bigger.

4. Alex Gillon - May 2, 2007

Now that you mention it “believeitnot”, I would be interested in knowing who that Midlands senator with the “Strom” problem was. Any further developments in that story,
sic willie? We wait with bated breath and thirsty ear.

5. fitsnews - May 2, 2007


That’s a lot of ink to waste on Sic Willie. But hey, keep it comin’.


6. SoapSally - May 6, 2007

glad to see traffic on your post Will — who is this believeitnot mouthpiece- yipes his mama and/or daddy obviously did not raise him with any manners at all.
Keep up the good work for us poor, underpaid, workharding folks here in South Cackalacky.

7. Joe Kress - May 10, 2007

McConnell is the one who should be under the microscope because of the scam he is pulling in regard to the Hunley submarine. It’s in the millions. If I had to contend with a bunch of rats as does the governor, I probably would indite the whole crowd for abuse of power. Leatherman would be second on my list behind McConnell and Annette Young would be number 3.

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