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Our Definition of Skinny Must Be Off April 30, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

kate bosworth


FITSNews – April 30, 2007 – You know if we had a nickel for everytime Sic Willie came into the FITSNews’ graphic design office and said “I want you to photoshop Kate Bosworth’s head on this girl’s body” we seriously wouldn’t need any of these advertisers … uhh … nevermind.

Anyway, having previously earned kudos for tackling the painful issue of anorexia with sensitivity and aplomb, we are always eager for the opportunity to empower women with additional information concerning this delicate subject.

For example, the girl in the leopard print bikini (above, left) is skinny. Kate Bosworth (above, right), on the other hand, is an upside down broom with arms. Knowledge is power ladies, so enjoy that dessert tonight.



1. TaraMetBlog - April 30, 2007

LMAO upside down broom, too funny. with her blond hair I can see it too.

2. fitsnews - April 30, 2007
3. gd - May 1, 2007

Is it me or are they hanging out by the Back Porch?

4. Jim Assman - May 10, 2007

nice rack (on the left)

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