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Score One For The Blogs (& The Taxpayers) April 27, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Thai Stop Sign


FITSNews – April 27, 2007 – If you could read Thai, you’d know the sign pictured above says “STOP.” As in do not pass go, do not collect $200. In fact, stop collecting any of the millions of taxpayer bucks wasted in recent years on a flagrant legislative pork fest masquerading as a “competitive grants” program. FITSNews broke the whole competitive grants scandal six weeks ago, and today the committee that “administers” these multiple boondoggles decided to suspend the program pending legislative clarification of its rules. To wit:

“I’m really not interested in putting any more air into that balloon,” said committee member James Brown. “I don’t want to approve any more grants until the legislature evolves the process.”

Sweet. Of course it probably won’t take long for the so-called GOP General Assembly here in South Carolina to find another way to continue wasting your money, but at least we helped cut off this particular spigot for a little while. Count on FITSNews to continue calling the status quo out for “ridin’ dirty” with taxpayer dollars.



1. SoThisSealWalksIntoAClub - April 27, 2007

Do we know exactly what the 18 grant applications that have been stalled were for? As in, where exactly you saved the money from going?

2. BrokeWhat? - April 27, 2007

Broke what? The only thing you ever broke was the door you kicked in the night you were arrested for domestic violence. Okay, to be honest you may have broken a record for being fired so fast by schotline. That money has been common knowledge for years and no one has every cared. As soon as things calm down it will be back to things as usual.

3. fitsnews - April 27, 2007


Sic Willie is also a serial child molester and animal abuser who habitually uses drugs, murders people and leaves the toilet seat up.

Maybe you can incorporate those transgressions into future comments.


4. wallace - April 27, 2007

I, for one, appreciate the “watchdog” factor of FITS. Sometimes it is a only a poodle, and I wish he would espose the bulldog…but poodle is better than the rest of the bunch combined.

5. fitsnews - April 27, 2007


We prefer “watch kittens.”


6. SoThisSealWalksIntoAClub - April 28, 2007

So what were those 18 grants that lost funding?

7. Brokewhat? - April 29, 2007

We will stick with the current transgressions. Convicted of Criminal Domestic Violence, fired by the Governor and then by schotline (in record time) and now making false claims about breaking a story about something everyone has known about for years. What a loser.

8. BrokeWillie? - April 29, 2007

No wonder no one will hire sic(k) willie. It does give him plenty of time to invest in his full time job of keeping all of his anonymous blogs up to date.

9. BrokeWillie? - April 29, 2007

Hey Willie get a job where people will respect you. The McDonald’s in Elmwood is hiring. Oh Pooh, they do criminal history checks. Okay, you can try the WalMart on Garner’s Ferry Road. Oh Pooh again, they do criminal history checks too. Maybe you can sell real estate or start your own DJ business.

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