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Flipper Is Already On National Television April 25, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

Flipper doll


FITSNews – April 25, 2007 – Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the first presidential candidate to run ads on nationwide cable television. At least that’s what CNN says. Unlike FITSNews, though, you never know if what those communist sons of bitches are saying is true or not. Anyway, from the story:

Though Romney is the first 2008 presidential candidate to air television ads on a national level, … records show that he is not the first presidential candidate to go up this early with a national television ad campaign. Publisher and former GOP candidate Steve Forbes ran ads on national cable slightly earlier than this point in 1999.

This is getting out of control. Pretty soon the twinkle in Sic Willie‘s eye when he’s looking at hot lobbyist babes like Clara Smith – well, pretty soon that twinkle will be running presidential ads for the 2048 race. Starting like next year. Wait, Clara’s not married is she? Damn.

UPDATE – Incidentally, Flipper’s universal health care plan is all the talk in the S.C. House of Representatives today. Rep. Joe Neal, a Democrat, said it was basically the greatest thing since sliced bread during the debate over raising the state cigarette tax.



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