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Consumer Confidence Down In April April 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports, US Politics.



FITSNews – April 24, 2007 – Consumer confidence in April fell to its lowest level since last August, a sign that rising gas prices are dampening Americans’ view of the economy, elevating inflationary risks and potentially heralding a “softening of growth.”

Yet while concerns linger over the health of the U.S. economy, New York Yankees’ slugger Alex Rodriguez has been whomping home runs left and right. Rodriguez’s 13th and 14th dingers last night tied the major league record for home runs hit in April, and the star third baseman still has a week left to add to that prodigious total.

Federal Reserve Chairman (and S.C. native) Ben S. Bernanke refused to speculate about the existence of an inverse correlation between consumer confidence and Rodriguez’s blistering home run pace, but the numbers don’t lie, people. Which is why A-Rod must be stopped.



1. Jenny - April 24, 2007

Don’t worry. A-Rod will stop as soon as the playoffs start. I’m sure you know that the “A” in A-Rod stands for April – not August.

2. American Candidate - April 24, 2007

I thought the “A” in A-Rod stood for Anal. It’s not Anal-Rod?

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