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Conclusive Proof That Neo-Nazis Are Crazy April 22, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

neo nazis


FITSNews – April 22, 2007 – As if we really needed any additional proof, yesterday’s neo-Nazi rally in Columbia, S.C. demonstrated the depths of insanity to which these Hitler wanna-bes have descended. Quoting from La Socialista:

“The brown-shirted NSM (National Socialist Movement) members railed against black people, Jewish people, Latinos, Communists and braless women …”

Hold up. Braless women? Clearly these bald belligerents missed our recent Natalie Portman and Sharon Stone articles. Or perhaps they’ve never seen Lindsay Lohan in a see-thru sailor suit. Mmmm. Let the healing begin, boys, let the healing begin.

UPDATE – Looks like actress Christina Ricci is also helping fight bigotry and intolerance in the world.



1. wallace - April 22, 2007

I swear the little guy must be kin to Sen Glenn the mammas boi….

2. Don Johnson - April 22, 2007

But did we NEED conclusive proof?

3. wallace - April 22, 2007

the smaller the penis, the larger the flag envy…

4. Kristin - April 24, 2007

Will.. it looks like you were on the state house steps yesterday wiith them..

5. fitsnews - April 24, 2007

Now Kristin, that’s not a very nice thing to say to a black man.


6. Roger Grant - May 4, 2007

Apparently, the Nazis have brainless men posting here.

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